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   Chapter 335 Lionel's Confrontation

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"Here you are, acting like the selfish bitch I always knew you'd be. You're so naive thinking father would ever let you stay here. You're too naive to think I would let you stay here. Stop trying to pretend you're innocent, Ivy. You actually, wilfully, murdered our own child. How do you think I could face someone as repulsive as you? You disgust me!" Lionel spat.

Pain was evident in his eyes. He had felt so betrayed and hurt by what Ivy had done to him. She murdered his child. Ivy didn't give him an opportunity to see his child, because she had to sacrifice it for her vicious plan. Lionel's blood was seething with hatred, trying his hardest not to hurt her right then and there.

"Listen to me Lionel! It wasn't me! It was Cassandra!"

Ivy pleaded, still trying to maintain her innocence. Even if Lionel had discovered a fragment of the truth, there was no way for him to have any absolute, concrete evidence to prove her wrong.

Lionel scoffed at her, baffled at her insolence.

"Ivy. I don't want to talk to you anymore. I'll give you your fifty million. But after that, I never want to see your face again. Never again, in this life, the next, or even the one after that. You disgust me so fucking much that I never want to see such an eyesore again!"

Lionel bellowed, walking out of the room without even hesitating. As soon as he slammed the door behind him, Ivy gritted her teeth, trying to calm herself down.

She was in disbelief with how the tables had turned. It was as if it were just yesterday, when he had promised that he wanted to marry her in this life and many after. Now, he was practically wishing that she never existed.

She sighed heavily, steadying her heart. 'If that's what he wants, then fine. With the fifty million he promised me, I would never have to worry about money again for the rest of my life. I can bid his sorry ass goodbye, too!

If he wants a closure, that's fine with me.

But Lionel! You have to swear to me that you'll give me the fifty million. Or I swear to god, I'll make your life a living hell!'

"Rufus. You haven't come home recently. I've missed you,"

Amanda spoke softly, footsteps light as she approached Rufus who was leaning over his desk trying to accomplish his work. When she tried to reach for his shoulder, he shrugged her off quickly.

He didn't want to be touched by Amanda. It made him nauseous. Amanda didn't hide the fact that she was hurt by his reclusiveness, but she refused to say anything about it.

"I've been busy."

"I-I'm having a large performance lining up overseas. I've been practicing every night. I was wondering if you wanted to watch me practice tonight?"

Amanda had her grand piano moved to the Garden Villa so it would be more convenient for her to practice at home.

"I have a client to meet tonight."

Rufus's eyebrows scrunched together, as he immediately dismissed her. He was not in the mood for spending time with her, and in truth, he really did have to catch up with work.

"Oh. I'll wait for you after, then,"

Amanda replied, refusing to give up.

Rufus sighed, exasperated. He closed his eyes to calm his nerves before finally diverting them towards Amanda's frame.

She had the same brilliant smile plastered on her face that Rufus had

us was well aware that he was the only man alive who could save this company, and Lionel and his father should be indebted to him. Horace was a cowardly fool to not come and scold him himself. He had to get this equally cowardly fool Lionel to do his bidding.

"Don't be so arrogant, Rufus. You are not the only son of this family. How long do you think you can cling to your job?"

Lionel bit back. To him, there was nothing else more infuriating than Rufus's arrogance. If he hadn't returned to the family, Lionel would have taken the role of the CEO!

"I told you. You can take my job if you want. Come, sit here," Rufus repeated, gesturing to the vacant seat beside him.

Lionel only knew how to talk, but he never walked. He had nothing to show for his complaints. It was almost pathetic for Rufus to hear how much Lionel had contradicted himself in the past few minutes since he barged in.

From Lionel's words, Rufus could deduce that Lionel still regarded him as the opponent for the ownership of Tang Group.

But what they didn't know was that he had absolutely no interest in the small Tang Group!

Lionel, eventually conceding, swallowed his pride and breathed heavily.

As soon as he calmed down, he handed over a document to Rufus.

"Sign on this. This is an application of five million grant for the publicizing and advertizing accounts,"

Lionel said, completely diverting the topic about his incompetence.

Rufus could only scoff at his indiscretion. He yanked away the document from Lionel to read as he turned to sit back on the chair he deserved to sit on.

As soon as he cleared it, Rufus grabbed his fountain pen and signed the form before staming his seal beside his name.

He barely noticed the glint in his brother's eyes as soon as he took the document back. Without saying anything more, Lionel turned to leave and shut the door behind him.

Rufus smirked coldly at his brother's disappearing figure.

'Tang Group is in grave danger, dear brother. No one is going to help keep this company together. You think I'm trying to grow our family business?

I'm going to burn our business to the ground, with the whole family watching!'

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