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   Chapter 334 Fifty Million And No bargining (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-06-26 00:19

"You're wrong. I used to dream before. But I won't make that mistake again!"

Ivy smiled coldly at Lionel. If she wasn't going to get a rich husband, the least she could do was get fifty million.

In her youthful naivety, she once dreamed of getting married to Lionel thinking that she could easily manipulate him. But the dream, like all others, became a harsh reality with a rude awakening. She realized that once a man no longer loved a woman, he wouldn't hesitate to throw her out, no matter how much she loved and cared for him.

Lionel was an exemplary model for such an example.

"Two million. That's all I have. Take it or leave it."

Lionel gave back the cheque to Ivy and stood up, ready to leave.

"Then you owe me forty-eight million. Please give me the money as soon as possible and don't you ever think about avoiding me. Otherwise, I will contact the reporters and tell the public what you have done!"

Ivy picked up the cheque, slowly folded it and put it inside her purse.

"Ivy, your words are falling on deaf ears. How can I give you forty-eight million! I don't have that kind of money with me."

Lionel turned around. He was on the verge of collapsing. Ivy was like a stain on his shirt he couldn't get rid off no matter how many times he rinsed it.

"Then I will see you in court. Ask your father to buy himself a coffin."

Perhaps, Ivy had crossed the line, but she hated Horace with all her heart. If it wasn't for Horace, she could have married Lionel as soon as he and Cassandra got a divorce. Then she wouldn't have been in such an awkward and embarrassing situation.


that to happen."

Lionel was clutching at straws, trying to convince Ivy that he couldn't pay her that much money in one go.

"Fine. Give me eight million in the first month and then ten million in every two months."

Having lost her patience, Ivy didn't want to drag this out with Lionel any more.

"That's not possible! I won't have enough time to come up with that amount!"

Lionel was losing his mind. 'What does she think of me? A money printing machine?'

"When you kicked me out of the Tang family, did you give me time to prepare? You didn't even care. Now you are blaming me for not giving you enough time? I'll tell you what, I am not giving you time to prepare and I don't want to. Bite me!"

Ivy was at the end of her rope. Lionel was driving her crazy.

"When I left, your parents were mean to me and they said nothing good about me! They backed out on their promise once they found out that I couldn't give birth to a baby. You all turned your back on me and kicked me out without a second thought. That's what your family did! You deserve this!"

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