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   Chapter 333 Fifty Million And No bargining (Part One)

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The manner in which Clark behaved today deeply concerned Arthur. His impression of Clark was that of a gentle and friendly person, always smiling and accommodating. But today, he gave Arthur reasons to question that impression.

Could it be that this was his true self and he had just been really good at hiding it from the people around him for a long time now?

"You can go back now. Besides, you don't need to come here unless I ask you to."

Sitting in the dark, Clark's cold voice had a sombre feeling which drew fear into Arthur's heart. The glimmering light of the lighter cast an eerie glow on Clark's face, illuminating his serious features.

"Well… what about…"

Arthur hemmed and hawed, hesitating to ask what he was supposed to do next.

"Just follow my instructions as I've told you before—deliberately engage in a confrontation with Rufus. I will tell you what to do after that when the time is right."

Clark saw through Arthur's mind. He knew Arthur had run out of options.

Arthur was capable and smart, but he wasn't going to pose much of a threat to Rufus. Arthur's weakness was his aggressive and impulsive approach. He was the type of person to jump at the first chance to grab an opportunity as long as it was in front of him, without even taking the consequences into consideration. Clark knew that Arthur not only messed with Rufus in G City, but also many others in the industry.

People used to regard Arthur as a gentleman and a man of honor, but after they realized that he was only driven by his own selfish interests, they stopped doing business with him.

"I've just finished a commercial photoshoot with Amanda. I heard that


Clark, however, wasn't really interested in Cassandra. He wasn't even interested in women. Absolute power and conquest were the driving force behind him. The sight of ruling over everyone gave him tremendous pleasure.

'Rufus, let's wait and see. I will torture you one step at a time. Eventually, I will take everything from you!' Clark smirked, his eyes gleaming puckishly.

"What's this? This is only two million!"

Ivy threw the cheque at Lionel's face, feeling insulted and disappointed at the same time.

"I told you I want fifty million. It's not negotiable!"

Ivy held her head up, waving her fist defiantly.

"Ivy, you're asking for too much. Two million is the best I can give you! Don't you know how expensive it is to keep a mistress? And look at how old you are now. How can you expect me to give you fifty million? You must be dreaming!"

Lionel looked at Ivy with disdain. Since she knew that he would never marry her, this woman had turned into a different person. The fact that she had always been greedy and selfish was no longer a secret and she wore it on her face proudly.

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