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   Chapter 332 Don't Ask What You Shouldn't Ask (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6878

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Regrettably so, the light was faint and quite finite, miniscule and far from being enough to strip off the veil of darkness blocking her path. To top it all off, it was well beyond her reach.

She got burnt whenever she'd try to move closer to it and hold it in her hand. She would be overcome with immense despair that her fragile heart would always be left broken and in pieces.

Her unflinching tone and the uncompromising look on her face made him realize that he had failed. Caught in the jaws of defeat, Clark finally loosened her grip.

"Please forgive me. I don't know what got into me. I was a bit too emotional just now. I swear I won't ever bother you again."

Having lost heart, he turned his back on her and silently walked away. This scene almost made Cassandra feel sorry for him.

'Clark, perhaps we just met at the worst possible time in my life. If things had gone differently, you could've possibly even been my better half. But right now...' Cassandra pondered to herself.

Rubbing the corners of her eyes, she was surprised to find that they had actually gotten wet.

'Rufus, we missed each other. Could it just be because we chanced upon each other at a wrong place at a wrong time?

Or had it been utterly wrong even from the very start?' she mused on.

In a dark room, with hardly any light passing through, Arthur was about to enter. As soon as he went in, he roamed around and examined the area.

It was a humble wooden abode, deep in the suburban district. The sunlight at dusk was barely enough to illuminate the room. Hardly able to see anything inside that darkness, he was still somewhat able to make out a silhouette of someone sitting by the table.

The ominous figure was like some sort of God of death, continuously exuding a freezing aura from his body.

"Why have you been quiet recently?"

The menacing figure began to ask, and the voice sounded as if it came directly from the hell itself.

"Ever since these past few weeks, it seemed that Rufus had started making his moves to deliberately go ag

all of the Dawn Star Group's future ventures would be severed. Now the TY Group was going to pull out all of their investments in the Dawn Star Group, Arthur's chances of being able to pull off a miracle and retaliate would be quite slim.

"There's no need for you to get so worked up. Even if the TY Group's investments come to a standstill, I'll make sure to plow money into your company myself. You shouldn't be losing sleep. The game is just about to start!"

The reliable tone of Clark's voice was able to provide him with a much needed sense of reassurance. At last, Arthur was finally able to let go of the feeling in his chest that had been weighing him down.

"Mr. Ji, if I may ask, why exactly did we have to meet here? I heard that you acquired a five-star hotel. Is that true?"

For Arthur, this dull and rundown house was not a sight behold. Even with the help of the GPS on his car, he still almost got lost in this wretched area. And even then, he still had to walk a considerable distance before he could locate this desolate place. On his way down there, his pants even got ripped when passing through the forest.

The flickering fire from his lighter suddenly died off. With an even darker tone than before, Clark exclaimed, "Never ask questions which are not supposed to be asked. Otherwise, you'll go down without ever knowing what hit you!"

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