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   Chapter 331 Don't Ask What You Shouldn't Ask (Part One)

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Everyone could tell that Clark leaned in closer to Alisa. But that was about it. No one had a clue what he could've possibly told her.

Clark promptly moved away from her to give her some space, after which, she gathered up the courage and walked up to the police.

Due to the considerable amount she still owed, she had no other option but to turn herself in. 'Mr. Ji even knows about my borrowing cash from a loan shark. It seems like he won't be running out of ways to get me into trouble. It would be best for me to just do what he wants. That way, maybe I wouldn't have to suffer anymore, ' she thought to herself.

"I sincerely apologize. I confess that I was the one who did it. I just got so jealous of Cassandra getting the position of the manager instead of me, so I tried to frame her up. It was I who actually stole the wrist watch from this gentleman and put it into Cassandra's employee locker. I committed this. Just go ahead and take me away."

Upon saying that, Alisa started to cry, leaving every person in the crowd dumbfounded.

The policeman was also astonished by the way things turned out.

He shot a quick glance at Clark, then Cassandra, and then the person who had just pleaded guilty of the crime. With a stern look on his face, he exclaimed, "Are you trying to make a fool out of the police? Take her away immediately!"

After receiving his order, his subordinates instantly strode over to Alisa's sides.

About to be taken into custody, she was forced to exit the building immediately. As she walked past Cassandra, she scowled at her, filled with intense hatred.

This caused Cassandra's chest to pulsate uncontrollably. Just how much enmity could have been contained within those eyes? Was everything really just a result of her resentment toward Cassandra?

Jealousy, how truly frightening it could be! It could turn someone into a totally different person. It was a one-way street where there was no turning back. It had the power to cause someone to lose their mind and do things they normally wouldn't think of doing.

"Don't you all still have work to do?"



"Mr. Ji, I'm just your run-of-the-mill woman. In fact, if you just run some background check on me, you'll surely discover that I'm actually a divorcee as well. You don't deserve someone like me."

Cassandra tried to desperately escape from his grasp, but this only prompted Clark to push her back even more strongly to prevent her from getting away.

"Do you think it matters to me what kind of woman you are? The only thing I know right now is that I like you so much! And that's all!" Clark blurted out.

With a powerful surge of emotions, his eyes were entirely fixated on Cassandra, not showing any signs of giving her up.

"Mr. Ji, a relationship does not work like that. It's not simply about liking someone or not. I sincerely appreciate how affectionate you're being, but I'm not really in the mood to contemplate about getting myself into a relationship at the moment," Cassandra retorted, trying to politely reject him.

Without any intention of giving Clark any false sense of hope of the two of them getting together, her words were resolute. In a way, it was also to kill off any form of hope she had of her own.

Her heart was nothing but a dried up well, destitute, deprived of water and sunshine, lifeless in its entirety.

The only time she'd permit herself to hold on to that tiny glimmer of hope and bask in its warmth was when she had been lost in thought about Rufus.

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