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   Chapter 330 Defending Cassandra (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-06-25 07:32

Clark straightened up, as he prepared, somewhat proudly, and walked over to the policeman. He saw himself as a titan, a giant among his peers, towering above the rest of the pack.

"I heard someone gossiping about how Manager Qin stole the watch because she was broke? Did I hear that correctly?"

Clark's sharp gaze swept around the onlookers and they all lowered heads to avoid the intensity of his eyes. A festering sense of remorse and regret came over those who were bad-mouthing Cassandra earlier on.

They wouldn't have said those words out loud if they had known that Clark was standing on the other side of the door.

"Mr. Ji, we've come across cases like this before. Some people steal because they are in need of money, it's nothing new. Please allow us to take it from here."

The policeman was starting to lose his patience. It would take forever to put this case to rest if Clark kept on interfering with their investigation.

Clark's eyes turned blood-shot, and he was metamorphosed into a raging fiend.

Needless to say, the policeman's smile vanished as Clark turned towards him.

"What if she is from a rich family? A rich person wouldn't have any reason to steal, I guess. Right?"

Clark refuted his argument with unblinking eyes which made Alisa's heart sink to the floor, sending shivers through her body.

"Mr. Ji, there are also cases of rich people with mental issues who can take pleasure in stealing,"

Alisa hurried to add her point. She realized that Clark was trying to defend Cassandra by proving that she had no reason to steal the watch as she wasn't in need of money. However, Alisa couldn't let that happen, especially after she had waited so long to come up with this plan to frame Ca

not as it had nothing to do with him. But once Alisa crossed Cassandra, that's when Clark had to step in.

Clark slowly approached Alisa who was trembling from head to toe, and she stepped back a few paces until her back was against the wall.

He lowered his head and whispered into her ears,"

If you confess that it was you who framed Cassandra, I will pay off your gambling debts. Otherwise I will fire you if the police takes Cassandra away!"

Clark observed her face with his irritable glare and his condescending attitude.

Realizing that she had hit rock bottom, Alice decided to give in. Her plans of ruining Cassandra's reputation died right before it came full circle. What poor Alisa failed to take into account was the fact that her boss would defend Cassandra. How could she have known?

He just publicly announced that Cassandra was his girlfriend out of nowhere and stopped the police from arresting her.

"I... I am so sorry. The watch... It was me... I stole the watch!"

Alisa's voice trembled and she found it impossible to suppress the shake. Her unexpected confession took everyone by surprise, including the policeman.

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