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   Chapter 329 Defending Cassandra (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6080

Updated: 2019-06-25 00:19

Cassandra's face lost its color. Dumbfounded, she stared at the watch she had never seen before in awe.

"It's starting to make sense now. I heard that she had to sell her company after it went bankrupt. I guess she is broke."

"Did she really think she could pay off her debt by stealing someone's watch and selling it? That's just plain stupid. Now what is she going to do?"

Everyone present there was abuzz with festive fury. Shaking her head in utter disbelief, Alisa stared at Cassandra and stammered, "Manager... Manager Qin, how could you? Did you forget what they taught us at the induction training before we joined the hotel? Even though the client forgot it in the room, that doesn't mean you could claim it to be your own!"

Alisa stared incredulously at the shocked Cassandra. But the flash of smug satisfaction betrayed her astonishment.

'Where are your powerful connections now, Cassandra? You thought you could use your dirty tricks to become the manager of this hotel? Well, I don't think so! I am looking forward to see how you're going to get yourself out of this one! Alisa wished she could scream out the words she had been keeping to herself.

"I didn't steal it!"

Cassandra blurted, defensively. Her first response was to deny the accusation. Indeed, she and Alisa went into the room together, but all they did was to clean the room, as they were expected to. She didn't know anything about the client's belongings until she found herself here facing outrageous accusations.

"We will figure it out in the police office. Miss Qin, please come with us!"

The policeman turned back to look at onlookers, beckoning them to step aside. The people gossiped amongst themselves, mumbling all sorts of conjectures as they gave a way to them.

Everyone shared varying different opinions,

oom and everyone held their breaths in anticipation. The room was so quiet that you could have heard a pin drop.

"I can assure you she didn't steal the watch."

Clark glanced around the room with his cold eyes, his chin lifted in muted defiance. While everybody else lowered their eyes to the floor.

People had heard rumours of Mr. Ji chasing after Cassandra. Could the rumours be true? If that were the case, Mr. Ji wouldn't yield to the police today.

"Mr. Ji, the watch was found in Miss Qin's locker. How can you say it wasn't her?"

The policeman couldn't figure out why he was being so stubborn. As a boss he was expected to take his staff's side, but the situation was so clear, no one could deny the evidence presented against Cassandra.

Clark gave a brittle laugh and shook his head, eyebrows raised in incredulity as he walked toward Cassandra. He leaned over to her and whispered, "I believe you, Cassandra. Don't worry. Everything is going to be okay."

His words were like sweet music to her ears, relieving all her worries in an instant.

Cassandra looked up at Clark with a hint of gratitude flashing from her moist eyes. The passive look in his eyes gave her strength and hope.

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