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   Chapter 328 Watch Stolen

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Cassandra was changing into her suit for work just when Alisa ran towards her, an anxious expression on her face.

"Cassandra, we have a guest who insists that his room wasn't cleaned yesterday. He's creating quite a scene at reception!"

Alisa looked seemingly worried and vexed.

"Which room?"

Cassandra asked, taken by surprise.

All hotel staff were professionals and took great pride in their work. There was always a standard operating procedure. All guest rooms were already cleaned up. The case reported by Alisa was improbable at best.

"VIP room 8708,"

replied Alisa.

Cassandra rushed to the lobby in strides upon hearing the reply.

As expected, a man with an unpleasant demeanor was standing in the service center.

"Bring me, right now, the staff member who cleaned my room yesterday. I want her to re-do it all the way!"

The man threw accusations left and right. He was obviously angry about something. His pinky was wagging around while he raised his voice, painting a picture of a strange man whenever he talked.

"Greetings, sir. I am Cassandra, this hotel's lobby manager. How may I assist you?"

Cassandra took a deep breath and greeted the unpleasant man with her most professional smile.

"You're the lobby manager? Great! Now get me the staff who supposedly cleaned my room yesterday!"

His voice was raspy, drawing a few laughs from the crowd.

"Sir, I'm sorry to inform you that she's on leave today. Can I arrange for another member of the staff to clean your room today?"

Cassandra smiled again. Yet it was different from her professional smile, she was genuinely amused by the man. His act was rather ridiculous.

"No. I want the same staff!"

he insisted with his chin held high.

"Sir, may I know what aspect of the clean-up are you dissatisfied with? It's our responsibility if our job has caused you to be unhappy. We'll send another staff to re-clean your room, okay?"

Cassandra looked at the man plainly in the eyes and explained. The man looked at her from top to bottom.

"You are the lobby manager, correct? And now you just admitted that it is your responsibility. Well, why don't you clean my room?"

the man snorted as he uttered his last word, his face a mask of smugness.

Cassandra was taken aback when she heard this. Although she did clean Clark's room everyday, she had never cleaned the guest rooms like an ordinary employee. Clark was her boss, so that was the exception to the rule. As the lobby manager, she wasn't supposed to deal with these menial tasks.

However, Cassandra decided to bite. Leaving this man causing a scandal at the front desk was definitely unwise. Her priority right now was to make this man happy and cease the fuss.

"Okay, sir. I'll go upstairs with you and clean your room under your supervision. You can tell me if I'm good enough,"

Cassandra said with her professional smile. One of her jobs was to handle complaints as soon as possi

m down. We're just looking to get to the bottom of this. If you don't agree, we might take it the wrong way. All we need is for you to go to the precinct and give your statement."

Cassandra was speechless for several moments, before finally agreeing.

"Okay,. Come with me please."

She didn't overthink it and just led the police to her locker.

A lot of people got curious and followed the police towards the dressing room. It became crowded quickly.

Alisa was very cooperative. She unlocked her locker for everyone to see.

They all leaned in to check her locker. It was almost empty if not for her coat.

"Here it is! This is all my locker contains."

Alisa extended her hand to present her locker.

The policeman stepped forward and took the coat off the hanger. He checked the pockets but found nothing.

Everyone turned towards Cassandra next.

"Here's my locker. Feel free to check it out."

She opened her locker without hesitation so the policeman could have a look. He reached inside to search it. Suddenly, his expression changed.

Everyone waited with bated breath as he slowly retracted his hand…

holding a shiny, metallic watch inlaid with diamonds. It was an exquisite work of art. It was a Patek Philippe!

The effeminate man screamed, "Oh! My watch! That's my watch!"

He reached out to take it, but the policeman withdrew his hand before it could be taken.

"I'm sorry, sir. We'll need to hold onto this as evidence for a bit before we confirm the suspect. Miss Qin, Sir, I'm afraid you both need to come with us down to the station."

The policeman's face turned cold. He looked at Cassandra icily, sending a chill down her spine.

The crowd went wild. Everyone started gossiping. It became extremely noisy.

"Miss Qin did it! I never expected her to steal from our guests! Jesus, remind me never to judge anyone by their appearance!"

"The more beautiful a woman, the more dangerous she will be! It's so tragic!"

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