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   Chapter 326 A Warm Home (Part One)

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Edith reached out to grab the nearest thing for support as she wobbled, feeling a bit weak at the knees. Cassandra sprang forth in a second to hold and support her.

"Mom, please try to relax. Don't be so angry. The doctor said you need to get some rest and allow yourself time to recuperate."

Edith's poor health condition sank Cassandra's heart within her like a plummet of lead. Feeling helpless, she feared that things would get worse and worse over time.


Edith pushed Cassandra away, ashamed at her own pitiful state, the feeling of being a burden etched on her face.

"Cassandra, I'm so sorry. Your father and I share the blame for all of this. You have suffered so much for our family. If it weren't for us, you would not have been involved in the drama between the two brothers of the Tang family."

Edith's grief came in waves, devouring her with each passing second. Cassandra could see the light shimmer of unshed tears in her eyes.

Edith was doing a rest-cure and she couldn't afford to be emotional. For her recuperation, serenity and peace of mind were of the utmost importance.

"Mom, calm down. As I've said before, I will find a good husband by myself. Clark is also one of the candidates, but you know, we've just known each other for a short time. I can't tell him that I want to develop a relationship with him right now, right? That would make things weird before anything even happens. We need some more time to get to know each other better. It's not something I want to rush into."

This was a white lie, but Cassandra considered it admissible on her mother's behalf. Just as long as it could calm her mother down, after all, she had no other choice.

Fortunately for Cassandra, it worked. Edith began to feel relieved and reassured by her words

o you have a girlfriend? You should bring her over for dinner one day."

Edith was feigning ignorance, but the wheels were churning in her head.

Of course she knew that Clark was single, as he lived in a hotel suite and not his villa.

Like an unstoppable force, Edith had a mind of her own.

"Well, work keeps me busy all the time, so I don't have time for love right now. I had a girlfriend a few years ago, but she decided to get back with her ex-boyfriend, so we broke up."

Clark didn't seem aggrieved when talking about his ex-girlfriend, which made Edith overjoyed.

If he were to marry Cassandra, they would be the ones making the big decisions at home since his parents weren't alive. On top of that, the fact that Clark didn't miss his ex-girlfriend meant that Cassandra wouldn't have to worry about his loyalty in the future.

Edith had a fine color on her cheeks and her face glowed with satisfaction and delight.

"Do you have a certain type that you prefer? You know I can introduce you to some lovely women."

Edith leaned in closer and her eyes were wide with anticipation, which embarrassed Cassandra, as she felt like digging a hole and burying her head in it.

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