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   Chapter 325 My Family Name Is Luo, Not Tang (Part Four)

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"Rufus, let's check out other sections first, okay? I suddenly remember that I have some toiletries to buy,"

she said as she grabbed him towards the other direction, not caring to wait for his reply. Rufus shrugged and followed her lead. He honestly did not care how she wanted to go about shopping as he only came to accompany her. He did not see Cassandra.

Cassandra who was focused on picking her own set of ingredients likewise did not see Rufus at all.

Clark, though, noticed Amanda and Rufus. He watched Amanda drag Rufus away with a panicked look on her face. The corners of his lips lifted to a smirk. This was going to be interesting.

Amanda was so nervous because she didn't want Rufus to see Cassandra. It seemed that Amanda also knew that Cassandra held a very special place in Rufus's heart. She was afraid that if Rufus saw Cassandra here, he might come and talk to her. She knew that Cassandra was more important to Rufus than her right now.

As it seemed, Clark might have chosen the correct target to destroy Rufus.

He walked up to Cassandra. Their shopping cart was already full.

"There are only three of us. This should be enough. We don't want to keep your mom waiting for so long. Let's go back,"

Clark said to Cassandra. Hearing his words, Cassandra glanced at the shopping cart and found that there were indeed enough ingredients. So she nodded and walked to the check-out counter with Clark.

After paying for their things, they then proceeded to the basement parking. It was then that Cassandra noticed a very familiar car. Looking closer, she found that it was Rufus'.

Her heart sank. Was Rufus also in the supermarket right now? Did he see her?

"Cassandra, your hair is a bit messy,"

Clark said while walking towards her from behind, pulling Cassandra out of her trance. He reached out and ran his fingers through her hair to help her fix it. They looked very intimate.

Cassandra's hair was black as ebony

had never agreed with the relationship between Cassandra and Rufus but her daughter was just so stubborn. Cassandra never gave it up and often avoided even talking about it.

Recently, though, Edith observed that she had not been in contact with Rufus. She also had not been acting like someone in a relationship. This actually made Edith very pleased assuming that they must have broken up. The idea that Cassandra could entertain other men made her very happy.

Because she was single again, she could choose from so many other men. Divorce was very normal nowadays, but as long as Cassandra was good and capable, Edith was confident that she would still find a man who would love and cherish her.

"Mom, you and dad arranged my marriage the first time and you saw how it ended. That did not turn out well. So, if I really were to give marriage another chance, I would like to be the one to choose my husband. I don't want anyone else to decide for me,"

Cassandra sighed. She understood that her mother only wanted what was best for her but she also craved autonomy. She looked at the serious look on her mother's face and sighed heavily, anticipating a reaction.

"Cassandra, are you still blaming us for what happened to you?"

Edith asked, visibly offended, a painful expression on her face.

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