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   Chapter 324 My Family Name Is Luo, Not Tang (Part Three)

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"What was the most realistic thing that could have happened if she had told you, huh? That's an easy question. Had she told you then, I probably would not even be born. You would have given her money so you wouldn't feel so bad when you left her out to die. Then, you would come back and be the good son-in-law that the Xie family wanted,"

Rufus added. He was ruthless. He didn't care about his father's feelings at all. He did not even try to hide how lowly he regarded his father.

"You! You !"

Horace was so angry that all his words seemed to have left him. He pointed a finger at Rufus and his whole body shook stiff.

Jill, on the other hand, never agreed to have Rufus's name changed. She felt that this would give him rights to take over the Tang Group which would essentially take everything from her own son, Lionel. How could she agree? She had to protect what belonged to them. She would never let a bastard take what was rightfully Lionel's.

"Alright, then! He doesn't agree with it. You shouldn't force him to do something he does not want to do, Horace,"

Jill said as she stood up and walked towards her husband, stroking his back while she glared at Rufus with hatred in her eyes.

"Mom's right, dad. He has been a Luo for so many years. It must be hard for him to change his family name so suddenly," Lionel agreed.

Although he was not as gifted as Rufus, Lionel was not a fool. He knew why his mother was angry and he understood the consequences should Rufus's name change take place. It would make him lose his advantage in taking over the Tang Group.

Rufus was older and more capable than him. He was a big threat and he often worried about losing to him.

"You two, shut up! If Lionel didn't make me worry so much about the company, I wouldn't have come up with this idea!"

Horace blurted out without a second thought. He initially wanted to hide his real intentions but he all forgot about that now.

d. Cassandra was very meticulous when choosing ingredients. She took time to compare prices and quality to make sure that she got the most value from her money.

"You are not only good at your work, but also good at choosing ingredients and cooking. I have to say, I am totally impressed,"

Clark remarked while staring at Cassandra with intense eyes. This made Cassandra feel a little self-conscious.

"Well, good ingredients guarantee good meals,"

Cassandra replied simply. Having Clark with her while shopping felt awkward. Sometimes, she could not help but find herself walk faster just to put more distance between them.

A few aisles away, Rufus and Amanda were shopping for food. Rufus followed as Amanda took her time walking towards the fresh fruits and vegetable section, pushing a shopping cart too.

"Oh, there are Kiwis! My favorite! I am going to get some!"

Amanda said to Rufus excitedly as she pointed at the Kiwis. Suddenly, she froze at the sight of a very familiar woman.

The figure busy picking ingredients was Cassandra!

'Why was she here? Did she see us? Was she here with someone else?' Suddenly, Amanda had a lot of questions in her head.

Her heart was a mess all of a sudden. She immediately turned around hoping that Rufus did not see Cassandra.

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