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   Chapter 323 My Family Name Is Luo, Not Tang (Part Two)

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Rufus, though, was different. He was nothing like his brother. He was determined and not afraid to make decisions. His methods were often daring but efficient. What was more, he was also insightful. He really was a genius in this industry. He did everything better than his half brother. So, even if Horace did end up leaving the company in somebody else's hands, Rufus would still remain to be an indispensable member of the Tang Group.

Unfortunately, the most capable men were also always the hardest to control. Lionel and Rufus were two totally different people. Lionel was easier for Horace to control because he really saw Horace as his father. Rufus did not share the same sentiment. He didn't grow up by Horace's side and he held a grudge against him because of what happened to his mother.

Lionel married Cassandra to follow his father's wishes but Rufus was not one who would do the same. He would never get together with Amanda just because of Horace's need.

Rufus was never shy to oppose his own father. He refused or ignored orders when it came to work. He was independent and was not always willing to listen to Horace.

So although he was capable of taking over the Tang Group, Horace was still the chairman and couldn't help but be unhappy about his son's defiance. In his mind, Rufus should be thankful for him because he let him work in the company to prove himself. Despite the grudge he held against him, Rufus should learn to put it aside and be one of the Tangs. After all, they were father and son.

Besides, there were also many people in the company who questioned why the family company was managed by a person who didn't belong to the Tang family since he did not share their last name. This made them really curious about Rufus's identity. Gossip about this was all over the company. No matter how powerful Horace was or how hard he tried to hide, he just couldn't make everyone shut their mouths.

In order to solve this problem, Horace decided to change Rufus's family name to Tang once and for all.

Only if Rufus changed his name into Rufus Tang could Horace be mor

old and unfeeling. He chuckled sarcastically. And one could not tell that if he was laughing at himself or his father.

When Rufus didn't know who his father was, Horace was even invited to his university to give a speech. Rufus was so young at that time. He even applauded when he saw Horace him. Now, looking back to that, he felt ridiculous.

The chairman of the famous Tang Group in G City was his biological father! How ridiculous was that! He had absolutely no idea. He could not believe he used to respect that man on the stage. He felt like a fool.

"That was your mother's fault! Had she told me sooner that she had my son, I would have taken you in right away!" Horace boomed.

The look on his face was frightening. He was so angry. Rufus's lack of respect for him enraged him as much as it embarrassed him.

"Ha! Told you? Would you have chosen my mother over the wealth of the Xie family if she had told you? Don't forget, her family's fortune was declining during that time. She had nothing but a degree to offer you! She had no money to support your business!"

Rufus yelled as he stood up from the chair and put both his hands on the table. He looked at the three people in front of him. They all had different looks on their faces but what they had in common were their eyes that looked straight at him. His own gaze was like a knife that pierced them straight to their hearts.

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