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   Chapter 322 My Family Name Is Luo, Not Tang (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-06-23 23:26

"Oh, nothing. What do you want for dinner?"

Cassandra was immediately pulled out of her trance. She turned her head to avoid looking into Clark's eyes.

His eyes were beautiful, just like him. They were enticing and charming. One couldn't help but be drawn by them. This was a very dangerous thought, and Cassandra secretly reminded herself not to look at his eyes ever again.

"Auntie, how about I take you and Cassandra out for dinner? There is a newly opened restaurant in the neighborhood. I heard that the dishes there are pretty good,"

Clark smiled at Cassandra, then turned to Edith and said. He really acted like a caring and kind gentleman. It definitely fooled Cassandra and her mother.

"Thank you for your kind offer, Clark. But I don't want to go out. How about you and Cassandra go grocery shopping and let me cook a delicious dinner for all of us, instead? How does it sound?"

Clearly, Edith was in a good mood today. A smile spread across her face. She wanted to show off her cooking skills! That was a rare occasion.

"That sounds very nice! I am extremely lucky to get to taste your cooking, Aunt Edith!"

Clark said, beaming widely. He was very grateful that he could stay for a home-cooked dinner.

"There's a big supermarket nearby. Let's go there to buy the ingredients,"

Cassandra said without a second thought after hearing her mother and Clark's conversation. Her words made Clark and Edith both a bit surprised and turn to look at her. Cassandra immediately realized her mistake. She shouldn't be this familiar with the neighborhood.

"I...saw a sign on our way here,"

she quickly explained. It was very awkward.

If Edith found out that Rufus also lived here, she would surely be very unhappy. Not only that, she might even get up and leave in the blink of an eye.

Cassandra didn't want her mother to move again. It would be too exhausting for Edith. Now that she liked this place and the environment was also very good, it was best that she stayed here.

Cassandra just had to be more careful from now on in avoiding to see Rufus. All was good, no big deal.

In the Tang family, the atmosphere had not been good recently. When they had di

family name. Horace had never talked about changing his family name ever since he came back. He even didn't talk about it when he let Rufus enter their company. Why did he suddenly have this thought? It was very bizarre.

"Rufus is my son. Of course, his family name should be Tang,"

Horace replied, glancing at Lionel. The truth was, he was also concerned about Lionel.

Lionel had been with him for over twenty years. He watched him grow up. So of course, he was closer with Lionel than he was with Rufus. If he were to leave the Tang Group to one of his two sons, Lionel was his first choice.

But he just couldn't deny that Lionel was not as capable as his other son, Rufus. If only the company were as strong as it was before, he would gladly hand the rein to Lionel, confident that he would not be able to do it harm. Then the worst case that could happen was that the company would develop at a slower rate.

But now was different. The Tang Group had many projects scattered all over the country. They were also in the middle of setting up more sub-companies. It was much harder to manage than before.

Their base was in G City, and now, the Dawn Star Group was growing to be a very powerful competitor. The Dawn Star Group went against them in many different projects and made things more complicated. This was not something that Lionel could deal with and this made Horace's decision fuzzy. Lionel might not be able to rise up to the occasion.

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