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   Chapter 321 Lock Changed (Part Three)

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The sound of a car screeching outside brought her to her senses. Rufus had gone out. Whatever innocence and ingenuity Amanda had was now quickly replaced with hatred and jealousy.

She had done so many things to get to where she was.

They were horrible things: lying, drugging Rufus and asking her father to pressure him. But nothing really worked.

In fact, after the car accident, Amanda didn't fall into coma completely. She gained her conscious back pretty soon, but she just didn't open her eyes.

She had to formulate a plan to keep Rufus by her side! But none of those things were able to remove Cassandra out of the equation. Even if they had long separated, Rufus still had his heart tied to Cassandra.

Now that Cassandra was even more difficult to track down, Amanda had to seize this opportunity. She had to keep Rufus by her side in order to implement her plan and win over his heart little by little.

When she faked her memory loss, she was able to excuse her past faults against Rufus just so she could start anew with him.

She had intended to manipulate her accident into her advantage. To Rufus and the public, she was now a pitiable accident-survivor with memory loss. Rufus would have no other choice but to take her in.

What she didn't take into account was that Cassandra had already won even before the game began.

She had every intention of changing the door lock because she knew that Cassandra had her own key. She underestimated his love for Cassandra, which even made him go as far as to scream at her when she changed it.

If she didn't try to be the pitiful damsel that she was the night before and provoked him instead, Amanda couldn't imagine what Rufus would've done to her.

But even if he gave up pressuring her about finding the lock, he was still able to find it in the end.


Amanda's eyes were dark and frightening. No one would be able to imagine that those furious eyes belonged to her.

'I'm not going to give in, Cassandra! Just you wait!'

Meanwhile, Clark dro

ardly paid attention to the mansion beside them. Clark's estate always seemed to be empty and unoccupied.

"I'll have you know that I only bought it recently. I thought the area was a nice place to settle but I never really had the chance to embrace it," Clark remarked.

He walked ahead of them to open the door for Edith. Then he escorted her into the house.

Cassandra glanced over at the other mansion, before heading in herself.

"Aunt Edith. This will be your room. I've asked someone to clean it and everything's all ready and prepared for you. Since it's on the ground floor, you wouldn't have to worry about climbing the stairs any longer. There's also plenty of sunlight in this room. You'll enjoy it!" Clark explained to Edith in a joyous tone.

Edith slowly paced inside her room, face beaming. She looked so happy.

The estate's floor plan was built the exact same way as Rufus's. It gave Cassandra both a sense of familiarity and dread.

This room would have been Rufus's study.

With Rufus crossing her mind once again, she suddenly felt dizzy. She thought about they had once made love with each other while he was injured and staying in that room. It pained her to remember the moment, but it also filled her with excitement.

"Cassandra," Clark called, making her reel back from her daydreaming, "What are you thinking about?"

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