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   Chapter 320 Lock Changed (Part Two)

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He noticed that the villa was entirely spotless and he saw that the curtains that Cassandra used to put up were already replaced. A bitter saddness appearted on his face.

"I couldn't open the door earlier. Is the lock broken?"

he asked, turning around to face Amanda.

"Oh, right! I had the locks changed. I felt like since I moved in, the new lock would be a good representation of a fresh, new start. Don't you think?"

Amanda quipped, tilting her head slightly as she beamed at him.

"Move in? What do you mean?"

Rufus questioned, frowning at her response. He wasn't in the mood to welcome changes.

"Hm? I am moving in with you! I will help you keep this place spotless, remember?"

she reminded him, and it made him feel nauseous to think that she really thought there was nothing wrong with barging into someone's home and moving in without asking him.

"No. I never told you you could stay. How can you move in without even asking me?"

Rufus's brows furrowed, as he was growing increasingly annoyed over discussing this situation in the first place.

"I...What? Rufus...You said you were going to share everything with me, didn't you? This is just a house, Rufus! It's not a big deal!"

Amanda insisted. She didn't expect Rufus's blatant negativity.

Rufus knew what she was saying, but he said that to her so many years ago, when they were still together. But that was in the past. A lot of things had happened since then.

"Amanda. No. I don't want you to move in. I'm used to living alone,"

Rufus demanded.

"Living alone? You must be lying. I know someone else has lived here before. I saw the room upstairs!"

Amanda frowned, upset that Rufus kept pushing her away. She tried to bite back the tears that wanted to fall.

Rufus, however, grew more upset upon the mere mention of Cassandra's old room.

Even after she moved out, he kept the room regularly cleaned, maintaining the decoration just in case Cassandra would come back to him one day. He refused to enter that room since she left, because it only hurt him more.

"Amanda. That's none of yo

over. To him, it looked like he had wrenched out Cassandra's heart, leaving scars over it. He sighed sadly, wondering if her scars would ever heal.

'I'm sorry I hurt you, Cassandra. I'm sorry I made you cry. But please, please come back to me. This door will always be open for you," he whispered under his breath.

Rufus slowly packed his tools back into the box before standing to return the box to the garage. Amanda, who had been watching the entire time, frowned at his actions.

She slowly walked downstairs, eyes not once leaving the door which seemed like an eyesore. She gripped the knob until her knuckles turned white, before giving it a few hard kicks.

"Why... Why can I never surpass you? You're gone, but you're still on his mind. Why can I never beat you? I've already gone so far, Cassandra. I've given up my own dignity just to be here! Why am I still losing to you? Why can't I make him forget you? What am I doing wrong?"

Amanda complained, violently hitting the door. She continued until she decided to punch it instead, and she immediately winced in pain. When she glanced at her hands, she noticed that they had begun to swell.

Those were the hands that were good at playing the piano. It was the only thing that distinguished her from everyone else.

If she hurt them, she wouldn't be able to play the piano again. She wouldn't be able to be herself anymore.

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