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   Chapter 319 Lock Changed (Part One)

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"My friend told me that your mother would need more rest, however, I don't think that this place is actually...appropriate, for her to rest. The sun doesn't even pass through this room. Why don't we move her to a better room?"

Clark spoke softly, as he looked down on Cassandra inside her tiny, rented apartment. He was so much taller than her, his head barely grazing the ceiling above them. His large presence crowded the room even more.

Cassandra kept quiet, unsure about what to say or do.

The Qin's family mansion was the best place to live, but it was just too far away from where she was. It would also be more difficult for her to take care of her mother from here.

This place, in spite of being small, had several benefits. It was convenient because the hospital was nearby, and her work was an easy commute. It was also in the city center, so it would be incredibly easy for her to buy whatever she wanted or needed. The best part of it all: the rent was cheap. The only downside that Cassandra could see was Clark's exact observation. The place was hidden within an old community, and there was barely any natural sunlight entering her unit. It often got humid in her apartment, but she felt that it was still a small price to pay for the convenience it gave her.

"I know, I'm concerned about that too. But it's not like getting an 'appropriate' place to stay is an easy task,"

Cassandra sighed, looking hesitant.

Money was such a huge issue for her now. She had been spending so much on her mother's medical care, her utilities and rent. Even Cloris's tuition was proving to be more and more expensive. She also owed Stella money. She would gladly give up this room for an upgraded one, if only she had enough money to splurge on.

As Cassandra mulled over her options, Clark further inspected the room. While the space was small and limited, it looked like she kept it tidy and neat.

"Cassandra, would you be willing to take my advice?"

Clark asked politely. Cassandra immediately reeled back from her thoughts, surprised by his kindness.

"What is it?"

She would never hesitate to accept a little help if it worked.

"Why not just live at my place? I have a spare cottage that I don't use. It's spacious,

driveway. He quickly ran out to open the villa's front door, but his key kept jamming the lock.

"Rufus!" a small voice yelled from within.

The door opened, and Amanda was smiling happily at him. "You're back!" she exclaimed as her white dress swayed with every motion.

Rufus was absolutely stunned. He didn't expect that Amanda would be here. He hadn't been to the Garden Villa for weeks since he'd only been staying at the Tang family mansion.

"What are you doing here?"

Rufus asked curiously. He couldn't hide his surprise from her.

"What's with that look? Have you forgotten? You gave me the key!"

Amanda replied, brillant smile never wavering from her face.

Rufus suddenly recalled that night at the hospital. When Amanda was discharged, she kept clamoring for his attention again and again to which he politely declined because he simply couldn't give his heart to her.

He remembered Amanda's crestfallen face. Charlie feared for his daughter, thinking that Rufus was the only key to her happiness. He took advantage of Amanda's situation, berated Rufus for being so mean to someone who had been through so much recently.

Rufus ended up having to give her a key to the Garden Villa so Amanda could come stay with him from time to time. Charlie even tried to soften the blow by saying Amanda could help clean his villa, but it didn't help him one bit. Amanda, however, was immediately appeased.

Rufus no longer responded, walking right past her and ino the lobby.

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