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   Chapter 318 The Gossip

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"Mr. Ji, you misunderstand. The reason why I invited my friend to dinner is because I want to thank her for her help. It is really important to me that I pay for this. If you pay, it will lose its meaning for me. Do you understand?" Cassandra explained.

Clark's expression made her explain herself. She had never seen him this upset before.

"Well, I'd like to thank your friend on your behalf then!"

Clark insisted. He did not want to accept her refusal too easily. This put Cassandra in a dilemma.

"Excuse me? Cassandra, who are you talking to?"

Stella said as she started to walk over. As comfortable as she would be if she were in her own home, she sat herself opposite to Clark and surveyed him.

The man was tall, handsome, and he had very charming eyes. 'Where did Cassandra meet such a good-looking guy and why didn't she tell me about him?' she wondered.

"This is Mr. Ji, the President of our hotel. Mr. Ji, this is a good friend of mine, Stella Mu,"

Cassandra introduced them. Clark's face immediately lit up.

"Stella? What a lovely name,"

he remarked politely. Hearing Clark's words, Stella squeezed Cassandra's hand with excitement.

'Oh my God! What a charming gentleman!' she thought.

Cassandra rolled her eyes and sighed, realizing that Stella was fangirling again.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Ji. Thank you for taking care of Cassandra,"

Stella said. 'It's so nice of him to offer to pay for our dinner. Guys like him are so hard to find nowadays, ' she thought.

Then she reached out her hand to push the money back into Cassandra and looked at her friend reproachfully.

"Cassandra, Mr. Ji is just trying to be nice. You shouldn't be so rude. Let a man pay! Don't be stubborn. Take it easy, okay?"

Stella said while giving her friend a pat on the shoulder boldly.

"Cassandra, don't be too reserved,"

Clark rode with Stella's lecture and looked at Cassandra jokingly.

"Oh no, Mr. Ji, it's probably because you haven't spent much time with her. She'll start to loosen up once you get to know her,"

Stella explained as she kicked Cassandra under the table.

Clark and Stella started conversing gaily. Cassandra, who was sitting with them, couldn't get a word in at all.

Clark dropped her and Stella off after the meal. The moment Cassandra arrived home, a message from Stella arrived.

"Cassandra, forget Rufus! I think Mr. Ji treats you very well. He is a great choice!"

Cassandra helplessly buried her head in the quilt.

'Forget Rufus? If only it were that easy, ' thought Cassandra.

One would not even know that Amanda had an accident when she got discharged from the hospital. Despite the amnesia, she already looked well.

She was no longer the girl who embraced Rufus so hard just to show him how much she loved him, but she somehow retained her yo

he never felt the need to explain herself amid the rumors.

This was not the first time she had to deal with such matter. When she was still with Rufus, there were even newspaper articles that had said that she was an easy woman. This was nothing compared to that.

Stella often called Cassandra to ask about updates between her and Clark. However, Cassandra's answers would always disappoint Stella.

"Come on, Cassandra. Stop being so silly, okay? Clark is both handsome and rich. You're lucky that he's being so nice and patient with you. He is the one! You must seize this opportunity! You should not refuse to accept another man's love just because of your last relationships, right?" she said.

Cassandra understood where her friend was coming but she knew the truth. She had not fully recovered from her past yet. It was nearly impossible for her to fall in love with another man right now.

"Thank you, Stella. I'll think about it. But right now, I am just hoping that my mother will recover as soon as possible,"

she replied. Cassandra mentioned her mother's illness to change the topic of the conversation. Otherwise, Stella could keep talking about Clark for another few hours.

"Didn't you tell me that Clark has a friend who is an expert in this field? Stop being so stubborn! Tell him about Edith's illness and ask him if he can invite his friend to check her up. You should take advantage of this if you're so worried about your mother," Stella insisted.

Again, she masterfully managed to bring Clark back into the conversation. By the time they hung up, Cassandra's ears were already hot because of Stella's long and winding chitchat.

Edith coughed heavily in her bedroom. Since the illness, she just got weaker and weaker. Now, even a slight change in temperature made her sick.

It looked like Cassandra had no other choice but to ask Clark for help.

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