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   Chapter 317 Do You Despise Me

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"You're right, I did have something to do with it,"

Rufus replied. He was not planning to deny it. He told Charlie what happened the night before.

"Amanda came to the Tang family manor to see me last night. I rejected her advances and told her that I no longer wanted to have anything to do with her, not even friends any more. Then she ran out crying and was hit by a car by the gate of the house,"

he narrated. It almost sounded like he blamed himself for what happened.

If only he were nicer to her, this tragedy could have been avoided.

Charlie's hands shook as he heard his story.

"Rufus, you promised me that you would take care of my daughter. How could you do that to her?"

Charlie said with a trembling voice, mustering all his self-control to keep himself from hitting him.

"Charlie, I don't love Amanda anymore. I had to be firm in rejecting her because she was very stubborn. It was no longer good for both of us,"

Rufus replied sincerely. He regretted treating her so harshly. If only he could turn back time, he would be more gentle.

"This is your fault! Now, she lost her memory and she still thinks that you're together. No matter what, you have to act like you are together until she regains her memory," Charlie demanded.

Rufus immediately refused.

"I can't do that. She is living in the past but I have to move forward with my life. She's not the woman I love anymore!" he exclaimed.

Suddenly, the sound of shattering glass filled the air, startling Charlie and Rufus.

Amanda stood watching them not too far away. She managed to walk in clsoe without them noticing and she dropped her glass in shock.

She stared at Rufus with blank eyes, hardly believing what she heard.

"Rufus, what are you talking about? Did...Did you just say I'm no longer the woman you love? Wh-Why not? Why is it not me?"

she asked desperately. Her sound was filled with a hint of intense sadness, like a heart-broken teenage girl.

"Just yesterday, you told me that you will take care of me in the future. Why are you saying that you no longer love me now?"

Amanda murmured, tears misting her eyes.

Then, the tears started to fall down her face violently.

Charlie shoved Rufus away and started to explain the situation to Amanda anxiously.

"Amanda, you misheard Rufus. He didn't say he doesn't love you,"

he said softly almost as if he were begging her to stop crying.

Then, he turned to Rufus. "What are you doing? Console her! Console her now!" he demanded inconspicuously.

Rufus stood stupefied for a while as he watched the crying Amanda thinking of the words he told her just the night before. He sighed and s

aha, she looks so ridiculous! Villains these days, am I right?" she said sarcastically.

Stella was on Cassandra's side so Amanda was just nobody for her at the moment.

"Cassandra, forget about them. Just enjoy your own life! Trust me, there will be many more men who will like you!"

she said as she held Cassandra's hands. Cassandra responded with a sorry smile.

So what if there were men who liked her? Dating and relationships did not interest her right now.

Her father once told her that it was very important for a woman to marry a decent man and have kids, but the thought of her miscarriage and her failure to protect her own child broke her heart.

When the two finished their dinner, Cassandra got up and went to the checkout counter to pay the bill.

"Someone has already paid for your table, ma'am,"

the cashier said with a smile, giving back the money to Cassandra.

"Huh? Someone paid? Who did?"

Cassandra asked, puzzled.

"The gentleman at the seventeenth table, ma'am,"

the cashier answered, pointing at the table in the corner. Cassandra looked over and found Clark waving at her with one hand. In front of him were a plate of sashimi and a bottle of sake.

Cassandra froze. Clark had paid for her?

When she managed to absorb what happened, she remembered that he had asked her out a while ago but she refused. Apparently, he followed her here.

Cassandra walked towards him and put the money she was supposed to pay with on the table.

"Clark, thank you very much. But it's me who should buy my friend dinner today, not you."

She intentionally resisted his advances, because she knew what that meant and did not want to send him the wrong message.

"Why? Do you despise me?"

Clark asked, his usual smile suddenly fading.

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