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   Chapter 316 Lost Memories

The Enchanted Night By Changdu Characters: 8686

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From the hotel gate, Cassandra frowned as she watched the rain pour.

It got dark very early today because of the weather. Rain clouds blanketed the sky, blocking all the lights. It almost looked as if the world were ending.

She forgot to bring an umbrella with her today. It would also be difficult for her to hail a cab. How was she supposed to get home?

Just as she was having all these thoughts, a car stopped right in front of her. The window rolled down and revealed a familiar face.

The corners of his mouth curled upwards and his eyes narrowed into little crescent shapes. He looked quite handsome.

"Let me drive you home,"

Clark offered. This made Cassandra feel a little warmer despite the cool weather.

Cassandra thought for a while and finally walked towards the car. This was probably her best option to get home right away to take care of her mother.

"Thank you, Mr. Ji!"

she said gratefully as she slipped into the passenger seat.

She closed the window slowly and the car drove away. Alisa, who happened to walk out, caught a glimpse of what just happened.

'Cassandra must have an affair with Mr. Ji. Why else would he drive her home among other people?' thought Alisa.

She gritted her teeth, feeling even angrier.

'I was supposed to be the lobby manager but she took that away from me! God knows I've worked for years just to bag that title. You will pay for this, Cassandra, ' Alisa told herself.

"Didn't take an umbrella with you? No one to pick you up? Where is your boyfriend?"

Clark asked casually while still keeping his eyes on the road.

"No. I didn't get to check the weather report. My mother is at home but she's sick so she can't go out,"

Cassandra replied, skipping his last question deliberately as she concentrated on what was happening outside the car.

An ambulance roared past the intersection right in front of them. The alarm was shrill, making people feel anxious. Cassandra suddenly thought of Rufus. She had held him in her arms once, waiting for an ambulance.

"Sick? Can you tell me more?" Clark inquired.

He seemed to be interested in her family.

"She had a surgery a few days ago because of a cerebral hemorrhage," she explained.

Talking about Edith's condition made her feel bad. Edith did not recover well after the surgery. The thought gave Cassandra a heavy heart, impeding her breathing.

"I know a doctor abroad. He is an expert on it. I can invite him here to check up for your mother if you like," Clark offered.

His words surprised Cassandra. She was merely his subordinate but his c

as she in an accident?"

he demanded as he turned to Rufus. His intuition told him that Rufus had something to do with it.

However, Amanda replied before Rufus could say anything.

"Father, don't shout at him! He didn't hit me!" she said loudly.

Charlie was surprised to hear Amanda defending Rufus. He disliked seeing his daughter unhappy so he smiled at her sweetly.

"I am not shouting at him. I just want to know the reason. Baby girl, you're thinking too much,"

Charlie said as he stretched out his hand and stroked Amanda's hair.

"Charlie... She might have lost some of her memories,"

Rufus said. Charlie looked at him in shock.

"How... How is that possible? She seems to be doing quite well..." Charlie muttered.

He suddenly became nervous. Carefully, he turned to Amanda.

"Amanda, how are you feeling now? Do you have a headache? What can't you remember?"

He looked at her, anxiously waiting for her response. Did she possibly forget...him?

"Father, don't worry. I'm alright. I just can't remember what happened in the recent years with Rufus. I don't know why but it just disappeared from my memory,"

she replied with a disappointed look. Charlie was speechless as he could not understand what could have been the reason, either. Later, he turned to Rufus, "Come outside with me. We need to talk."

The two men left the room, leaving Amanda alone. They proceeded to the side of the corridor to make sure that she would not overhear them. With a furrowed brow, Charlie asked, "Tell me the truth. What happened yesterday? Why was she in an accident? I know you had something to do with this. Tell me!"

he demanded looking at Rufus so intensely, watching every detail of his face.

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