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   Chapter 315 A Car Accident On A Rainy Day

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"Both of you are in the way. Please go fight somewhere else."

Rufus's voice was as cold as ice. He walked over to Lionel and Ivy, his hands digging into his pockets.

Ivy and Lionel turned to look at Rufus, who had just stepped out of the elevator after overhearing their argument.

Rufus's eyes were narrow in a cold glare, but he was truly hiding the hurt feelings when he heard that Lionel was also looking for Cassandra.

He was shocked to find out that Lionel still cared about her enough that he was looking for her.

He clicked tongue in frustration, hating that he still had to share Cassandra with Lionel.

Rufus walked past the two of them, getting into his car. The two made way for his car as he sped past them towards the exit.

Ivy twitched at Rufus's rudeness, rolling her eyes heavenward.

"Lionel. Think about it. You only have two options: either marry me or pay me the fifty million,"

Ivy warned, before turning towards the exit herself.

Lionel glared at Ivy's disappearing frame. He was so upset that he wanted to downright strangle her.

'Ivy? Really? Ivy has the audacity to threaten me? Who the fuck does she think she is?'

Lionel felt incredibly emasculated by her, and it upset him so much. He couldn't even believe the options she gave him. The bribe was too steep to pay for a woman like her!

Fifty million! Was she an idiot? That was a huge amount of money!

It was obvious that Ivy was up to no good.

If Horace ever found out that Ivy demanded that kind of money, he would outright reject her beyond reasonable doubt. But, if Ivy didn't receive the monetary payment, she would tell the public about Lionel's atrocities, which could ultimately harm the Tang Group right into bankruptcy, just like the Qin Group. His family would be shamed for the rest of their lives. His hands were tied.

Lionel had to think of a solution, quick.

Outside, it had begun to rain. Rufus drove through the highway as the water hit his windshield.

Lionel's words were still echoing in his mind.

"Now I can't find her. Are you happy?"

Rufus always tried to stay as calm as he could no matter what challenge he was facing, his face usually so stoic and forward. But this time, he let himself smile bitterly at the thought of Cassandra.

'Where are you, Cassandra? Why are you trying so hard to avoid me?' he quietly thought to himself.

As soon as he stopped in front of the Tang mansion, he got out of the car and heard laughter within the house.

Rufus walked over to the brightly-lit living room and saw Amanda and Horace, laughing happily as they talked.

Amanda's and Horace's eyes immediately lit up when they saw Rufus by the front door.

"Rufus! You're home! Come sit with us! Amanda was just telling me about the construction of her piano school. How is your project coming along?"

Horace said joyfully. His eyes were happily arched beneath his brows.

He was in such high spirits be

as the legal wife of Horace. She was the one who had to be right. Rufus's mother was nothing but a mistress!

The tension kept growing as the rain poured heavier. Just as Rufus was about to talk back again, they heard a loud screech outside, followed by a booming collision.

Rufus turned to look through the window, but the fog was so thick that he couldn't see anything. One of the servants ran into the living room towards the three of them, her voice horrified.

"Mr. and Mrs. Tang! Mr. Luo! T…There was a car accident!" the servant yelled. They all stood frozen in place, waiting for the servant to say more.


It's Miss Ke! She was hit by a car!"

Her voice trembled, tears welling up in her eyes. Rufus darted past the couple and the servant, running towards the courtyard despite the heavy pour of the rain.

He struggled to see through the rain, relying only on his memory to figure out where the road was.

Soon, he saw the blinkers of a car turned on. The driver of the car stood in the rain, calling for an ambulance. Not far away, Amanda was lying lifelessly on the ground.

Rufus's head started to hurt. He kneeled on the asphalt to check on her.

Amanda's skin was so pale, which grew cold quickly. The rain was hitting her face and she wasn't moving one bit.

His heart sank as he tried to nudge her awake. Her eyes remained closed.

The ambulance came almost immediately. Rufus got into his own car and rushed towards the hospital, following the ambulance. He watched as Amanda was pushed into the emergency room on the stretcher.

Rufus was afraid. He was afraid that Amanda might not be able to wake up any longer. Would she survive? If she did, would she be disabled? He had no one to blame but his own selfishness. If he had kept calm, Amanda never would have gotten in a car accident.

Rufus sat down by the reception area with his hands covering his face, elbows on his knees. He tried to maintain his composure.

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