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   Chapter 312 Where Is Cassandra (Part Two)

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Openly walking away, Alisa wasn't planning to offer Cassandra any help whatsoever. She just leisurely enjoyed watching the scene unfold, eager to see how the miserable manager would be tormented by the boisterous couple.

"Madam, this property is considered the best hotel in the area when it comes to the facilities, and especially, the services offered. We would be glad to hear you out if you honestly think that there are some areas which are in need of improvement. But, as for the matter regarding the refund which you're asking for, sad to say, there's really nothing else I could do about it,"

Cassandra tried her best to patiently explain to the nitpicking woman. That was the forbearance of every single person working in the service industry. No matter how rude the client might be behaving, you had to do whatever was reasonable within your power to please them as much as you possibly could. Otherwise, they would keep on pestering you until you finally gave in.

"So, you still won't give me a refund, huh? That's totally fine with me. I'll just remain standing here until you finally do something about it. If you don't, I'm going to let everyone know how awful this hotel is! I'll make sure you lose all of your precious clients!"

The woman jostled her husband who surprisingly appeared to still be stuck in a trance. When the man finally came to himself, he simply mimicked all of the claptrap his wife spouted and reiterated their demands.

"That's right! We'll stay here at the reception desk, however long it takes, and make it known to everyone how awfully you treat your guests!"

The man motioned over to the front desk where a small crowd was trying to check in. Some of them got distracted by the tumultuous spectacle and shot the three of them some baffled glances.

Upon catching a glimpse of a car pulling over in front of the gate, Cassandra's heart began pulsating rapidly. It looked like a considerable number of guests were about to enter the premises, but she woefully still hadn't resolved the issue yet. What else was there left to do?

A tall

the hotel's board of directors. Amongst all of the other hotel staff, nobody seemed to like her anyway. For so long, Alisa had been working in the hotel. Of course, she had more connections and had much more experience compared to Cassandra. 'You can take your time, Cassandra. I'm hellbent on driving you away!' the envious woman swore to herself.

In Rufus's office, Stella placed the file on his desk, wearing a deadpan expression.

She felt guilty for not being able to defend Cassandra over that boxed lunch incident.

A couple days prior to then, Cassandra had mentioned to Stella that she had already sold the Qin Group and was now just working as a guest service manager at a local hotel. Stella thought it was regrettable that someone like Cassandra who was more than capable of running a whole company by herself had to be reduced to taking orders from other people.

Cassandra was supposed to be Rufus's treasured girlfriend. Where could this heartless man have been when Cassandra needed him the most?

Could it be that Rufus broke up with Cassandra and fell for someone else instead?

Picking up the file with his candle-like fingers, Rufus proceeded to inspect it. Upon tossing it back, he looked Stella straight in the eyes, as she had a sour look on her face.

"I know Cassandra and you are close. I assume you have a general idea of what she might be doing now."

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