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   Chapter 311 Where Is Cassandra (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 7137

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Cassandra sprinted toward the reception desk upon receiving another complaint. A nouveau riche couple was in the middle of an argument with the receptionist.

From the way they were dressed, it was quite easy to tell that they were upstarts. The man had a thick golden necklace hanging around his neck and he was also wearing golden rings on his fingers. His wife, on the other hand, wasn't any better. It was plain to see that she was purposefully showing off with all of those jewels scattered all over her body.

Both of them were plump and quite tall, and needless to say, they were appeared to be a little too colorfully dressed. The outfits they had on indeed seemed to scream 'luxury.' However, that didn't necessarily mean that they had good taste in clothing.

"What the hell is this shithole? Are you fucking kidding me?! I demand a refund! You call this place a five-star hotel? This is definitely no better than a motel which only charges me a hundred for one night's stay!" the man roared at the receptionist, continuously slamming the table.

He had a disgruntled look on his face and his mouth was visibly seething from intense fury.

"Please calm down, sir. I deeply apologize if you're dissatisfied with our service. Shall we head into the on-call office and discuss this there?"

The receptionist was trying to mask being in a state of panic, but she was obviously turning pale as she couldn't find a way of reasoning with the angry couple. To put salt on her wound, there were actually still a lot of customers waiting in line to check in, and some of the onlookers were beginning to grow impatient.

Cassandra casually walked toward them with a coyly professional look.

"Pleased to meet you, sir. I'm actually the guest service manager of this property. Would you mind accompanying me to the on-call office? You can tell me about your complaints once we get there."

The initial step to deescalate the situation would be to take the rowdy couple far away from the lobby. Any way you look at it, a commotion such as that would ruin the reputation of the hotel if it was allowed to go on any longer.


n artists who were trying to avoid paying the bill. It cost more than a thousand to have a good time in the VIP room for just one single night, so she wasn't in a position where she could afford to foot the bill.

"But we're extremely disappointed with the amenities you've got here! How dare you try to charge us such a huge amount when you're providing service that's well below average? That's a deal we simply can't accept!"

the woman scoffed at Cassandra and kept pointing her finger toward the lobby to show the awful state the hotel was currently in.

Cassandra humored this cunning woman and followed where the woman had been pointing to. The hall was adorned splendidly, far from what the woman had been accusing it of being. From that, she was certain that this couple was just looking to stir up some trouble.

Alisa walked over to where they stood and welcomed them with a seasoned smile. Ignoring the hecklers, she went straight to Cassandra.

"There are a number of guests who should be arriving momentarily. Manager Qin, I suggest that you settle this complaint sooner rather than later. Otherwise, the chief will chew you out for neglecting your duty if our guests arrive and happen to chance upon such an unpleasant scene,"

Alisa carefully whispered to her ear. She was kind of easy to read. It was so obvious that she was getting a kick out of the tension Cassandra had gotten caught up in.

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