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   Chapter 310 When There Were Women, There Were Wars (Part Two)

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Clark's voice had taken on something of a gentle tone. Although he was Cassandra's boss, she was touched by his calm and respectful mien.

"Of course. It would be my honor. I'll be sure to do the room everyday after work."

Cassandra tilted her head slightly and smiled assuringly. She finally understood why he had asked to see her now. The fact that he was a neat freak didn't come as a surprise to her.

Suddenly, the memory of another man flashed through Cassandra's mind with velocious intensity. That man used to smile and look at her with a set of deep, loving eyes...

Cassandra pinched herself on the arm to wake her up. She repeatedly warned herself, 'Cassandra, you have to forget about him as soon as possible. Stop thinking about him anymore!'

A feeling of discomfort slipped through Clark's eyes, but it was undetectable.

Cassandra was a practical woman. She rolled up her sleeves and got to work immediately.

She used to tidy the whole house all by herself when she was living in Villa Garden, so cleaning this suite wasn't going to pose a challenge to her. Before long, she finished cleaning up and putting everything in order.

"Thank you very much, Cassandra. Why don't you have dinner with me? It's on me. Think of it as a gesture of appreciation,"

Clark suggested, glancing at his watch.

"Thank you, Mr. Ji. It would be my pleasure, but I'm afraid I can't have dinner with you tonight as I need to take care of my mother,"

Cassandra politely refused with a gracious smile.

She had to look after Edith at night because the hourly nurse only worked until half past six.

"Then let me drive you home,"

Clark insisted, still smiling, as he grabbed his keys from the table and walked without giving Cassandra the chance to reply.

Cassandra smiled and walked out after him. She had no reason to turn down such a friendly gesture. After all, he was a nice boss.

In a

mplaints along with Cassandra, but she left Cassandra to deal with them alone because she thought that as someone who had worked at this hotel for many years, she felt like such menial responsibilities were beneath her.

All the guests that stayed in this five star hotel came from wealthy backgrounds. Sometimes they could be unreasonable and picky, but Cassandra had to make sure that at the end of the day they were happy and satisfied customers.

This left her very little time to handle other duties in a timely manner. Moreover, Alisa never offered any help, which was outrageous because that was her job as the lobby manager's assistant.

Cassandra knew that Alisa disparaged her. But she couldn't afford to risk losing her job over petty squabbles. The pay was good. Her salary was the only source of income she had and she needed it to pay for Edith's medical bills. On top of that, she had to pay for Cloris's living expenses abroad. Even though she felt tremendously pressured, Cassandra couldn't afford to lose this job. She did her best to handle everything on her own and stay away from Alisa.

She thought Alisa would get to know her better eventually as time went by so she decided to leave it to fate. However, fate had different plans in store for her.

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