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   Chapter 309 When There Were Women, There Were Wars (Part One)

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Stella turned to look at Victor and eyed him suspiciously.

Victor paused to think for a moment, and suddenly he remembered that Amanda had brought the same lunch box with her before. And that was when it occurred to him that Stella must have seen the box—he gave it to Cassandra.

"No, you must be seeing things,"

Victor said, with a hint of guilt hanging from his lips. He couldn't let Stella know the truth so he walked outside with the lunch box in his hand at once to avoid further suspicion on Stella's behalf. 'I should just throw it in the bin. Mr. Luo doesn't want it anyway, ' thought Victor.


Stella's eyes grew wide, as she rushed to him and stretched her hand out to stop him from running away.

"Did you do this before? Throw away the lunch box? Has Amanda been contacting Mr. Luo for a long time?"

Stella decided to get straight to the point when she noticed his blank and confused expression. She wasn't going to sugar-coat her question, especially when it had something to do with her dear friend, Cassandra.

"No, no, I think there's been a misunderstanding."

Victor wasn't very good at articulating himself properly under pressure. He looked flustered and rattled by the direct question. He was unable to gather his wits and his eyes ducked Stella's gaze, as if he was engaged in some cat-and-mouse game.

"Huh! You are a bad liar! I feel so sorry for Cassandra. She is such a gullible woman. How could Mr. Luo do that to her? Dating with two women at the same time?! That's unacceptable!"

Stella bellowed furiously, nostrils flaring as she jabbed an accusing finger inches away from Victor's face. His pallor became obvious and the corners of his mouth stiffen

to talk to her?

She felt grateful to the man who had offered her a job so quickly. If it weren't for him, she would probably still be struggling to find a job in the market.

Although, she was quite capable, she felt as though luck had a big part in getting her this job. She had given up on finding a job as an architect, and this came right in just at the right time for her.

Cassandra strode up to the presidential suite in answer to her superior's summons and knocked at the door. A man's voice responded, "Come in, please."

She slowly pushed the door open and stepped in. She glanced around to find Clark smiling at her with his hands in his pockets.

"How was your first day at work? How do you feel?"

He smiled with crescent eyes and looked rather gentle.

"I feel great. Thanks for asking, Mr. Ji. I think I can do this job pretty well."

Cassandra gave him a courteous nod and smiled back at his genial face.

"Here is the thing. This suite is not open to the public. It's my private room. I don't like it when others touch my things. Would you do me a favor and take care of this room for me from today on?"

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