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   Chapter 308 Sell The Company

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The warm afternoon sunlight poured through the window blinds, illuminating the mist of miniscule dust fluttering in the air.

Cassandra stared at the face of Vernon, sunlight hitting her eyes but shading the rest of her face. She was feeling all kinds of complex emotions in her mind.


Cassandra wanted to say more, but Vernon held up his hand to gesture her to say no more.

"Cassandra, don't say another word. You've given up too much for this company and I am tired of seeing you struggle for it. Just listen to me, please. Sell the company!"

Vernon seemed to have mellowed over the years. The time he spent in prison might have allowed him to reflect on himself for a time and he must have realized how hard it had been for Cassandra to support the company all by herself.

Cassandra studied her father's determined eyes, biting her lower lip.

Qin Group wasn't only her father's hard work, but also her own efforts; however, the most important thing now was the urgent need for Edith's surgery fund.

Ever since Vernon's incarceration, family relatives near and far had already cut ties as to avoid suspicion. Even if she approached them and begged on her knees for help, it would probably be all for naught.

"Dad. Mother, Cloris and I are all waiting for you to come back."

Cassandra stood up, her mind finally made up. She promptly left.

Her next move was clear. Since the Qin Group had racked up some reputation over the years and had been a name in the business for a long time, it would require minimal effort to liquidate it.

Cassandra got the money and paid off the outstanding debts; the rest was just enough for Edith's surgery.

The divorce agreement between her and Lionel made it abundantly clear that she could not engage in design work for two years. Cassandra had to abide by the rules. She waited until Edith had left the hospital and was taken care of before starting to look for a job.

She had to find work that had nothing to do with her previous profession.

Cassandra got hired by the Tang Group straight out of college. Now she went to the job fair trying to find a job, submitting her resume along with a group of newly graduated college students, and also attracting some curious stares from people who knew her from the news.

She had to suck it all up because she had to pay for Edith's physical therapy expenses. She must endure all the mocking stares and prying questions from these people, all the while trying not to get crushed by the evaluators, nitpicking on her resume.

It was another physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting day for Cassandra.

She was drinking water at the far corner of the job fair, feeling parched after a long line of interviews.

She placed her portfolio on

t accept this. Please take it back."

Victor was scarlet from embarrasment. He had to keep throwing away the food everytime and was frustrated with Amanda's antics.

"I don't care whether he accepts it or not. I won't stop. Just place it on top of his desk."

Amanda knew for a fact that Rufus won't eat the food she prepared, but there wasn't one reason to take it back now that she had already handed it over.

She was angry last time when Rufus tended to the flowers and ignored her. But after contemplating on it, she still couldn't let go of Rufus.

She had loved Rufus too much and for too long that she just couldn't get over him that easily.

Holding the lunchbox in one hand, Victor didn't know what to do. Stella passed by right at this moment. She was about to submit a report to Rufus. Her eyes drifted towards the lunchbox in Victor's hands. She snorted, "I don't think I'll ever understand Mr. Luo. Why did he even dump Cassandra and then get involved with a so-called world famous artist. That kind of woman will never be wife material."

Stella just couldn't stand Amanda, especially knowing that after Rufus and Amanda hooked up after breaking up with Cassandra.

Victor glanced the fuming Stella and asked, "You used to love going to her concerts, didn't you?"

Victor was amazed at her sudden change of opinion. Just a while back, Stella was gushing at how beautiful and talented Amanda was, but now she was going on about how she wasn't wife material?

"No, I didn't! I never liked her!"

Stella was waving her hand and shaking her head, her cheeks turning scarlet.

Looking at the lunchbox in Victor's hand, she suddenly remembered when Cassandra was still working at the Tang Group, and she once saw Victor throwing out a similar lunchbox in the trash.

"This lunchbox looked really familiar somehow."

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