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   Chapter 307 The Trap

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"Manager Qin! There are... There are p-people from the bank here!"

Maggie stuttered as she swung the door open. She looked very scared.

"What? Why are you so frightened? What are they doing here?"

Cassandra asked, immediately growing concerned with the expression of her assistant. Although Maggie had only been with her for a few months, this was the first time Cassandra saw her this alarmed. She handled their hiring and was very competent at her designation.

'What has happened?' Cassandra wondered.

"It's the manager in charge of loans. He said… He said…"

Maggie was so nervous that she stammered again. She kept swallowing to diffuse her tension.

"He said what?"

Cassandra asked impatiently. 'What has gotten into her? She seems to have lost her mind, ' Cassandra thought to herself.

"Manager Qin, they demanded that you pay the loan by the end of the month. Or else, the company will be foreclosed!"

Maggie finally managed to say, after which, she turned deadly pale.

Cassandra was stupefied.

'By the end of the month? I thought we had a year to pay the debt?

What could have happened?' she wondered. When she applied for the loan, it was the man that went by the surname 'Ke' who served as the guarantor. She found herself fortunate to have met someone who understood her predicament and appreciated her talent. What she did not know at first was that the man was actually Amanda's father, Charlie Ke. She had trusted the wrong person. 'Could it be that Charlie actually sabotaged me?' Cassandra thought.

"Ask them to come in. Let me talk to them!" she instructed.

Putting all her thoughts aside, she calmed herself down and composed herself.

This also calmed Maggie down. Doing as she was told, she escorted the Loan manager and his assistant in.

"Manager Qin, we had such a difficult time to reach you. I am surprised that despite your small number of employees, you still managed to assign someone to block our entry,"

the bank manager remarked sarcastically. His attitude gave Cassandra a feeling that this was going to be a tough negotiation.

"Manager Liu, we are indeed short of manpower right now. In fact, we just had some interviews for new employees. But soon, this office will be filled with people,"

she replied courteously. With a gentle smile, she asked Maggie to serve hot tea for the guests.

Manager Liu took out a file from his briefcase and threw at Cassandra's desk rudely.

"Manager Qin, your short-term loan has to be paid back in three months. I literally utilized all my connections and went through several tedious procedures to apply that for you. You are going to pay on the stipulated deadline, aren't you?"

A sinister smile across the man's face. He was not intended to be polite.

"Rest assured that I will pay what I owe. But I am curious. From what I know, your bank doesn't offer short-term loans. Is that correct?"

Cassandra inquired, unintimidated by his words and actions. This was the first time she availed of bank services but she was well aware that there was no such thing as a short-term loan.

"Oh, Manager Qin, did you forget something? You've told Mr. Ke that you needed the money urgently so you could

beyond words. She had never seen Vernon like this before. She knew how proud her father was, and yet, he just sought her forgiveness. This was something that Cassandra could not have even imagined.

Instead of blaming her father, she solaced him. This filled Vernon with even more regret. Tears started to stream uncontrollably down his withered, aging face.

He had been too harsh on Cassandra. He did not bother to care for his elder daughter and even sold her by marrying her off for money.

She had to bear the judging eyes of the Tang family for years. To date, she still struggled to keep the Qin family afloat. She was fighting alone and someone was hiding in the dark, looking for opportunities to destroy her.

Business was war. Even Vernon, an experienced businessman, failed his battles countless times, let alone Cassandra, a relatively inexperienced young woman?

"Cassandra...I only hope that you, your mother and your sister can live a healthy life. Let's forget about Qin Group," he said.

It was a difficult decision as the company was his life's work. Still, it was not as important as his family.

Ultimately, his hard work was for them. But now, Cassandra had gone through so much hardship and devoted so much for Qin Group. Wasn't this already against his will for running Qin Group in the first place? Why would he insist on something that would make his daughter suffer?

"Dad, I came here to ask you for advice on how I can keep the company alive, not to seek your permission to give up,"

Cassandra said, oddly terrified. She was almost convinced she heard her father wrong. Did he just tell her to let the company go?

"Cassandra, you heard me right. I am asking you to give up the one thing I always held on to for way too long. No matter how much a person achieves, in the end, it will all fade away. Am I not the best example? You are a woman. The best thing you can do for your life is to marry a decent man, have a child and pursue a simple life that does not take away too much from you. As long as you are healthy and unburdened by complicated matters, that will be great. Let the Qin Group go."

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