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   Chapter 306 Go Back To The Beginning

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Right, that was him. He was the one who murdered his father. Clark made it look like he died of heart disease but the truth was that he drugged the old man and he died staring at him helplessly.

The desperate eyes of a man on the verge of death satisfied the killer.

"Amanda, I suggest you stay away from Rufus. Otherwise, you have no idea what is waiting for you,"

Clark said with a lopsided grin. The shape of his lips reminded her of a poppy flower, sinister and dangerous.

Amanda bit her lip and ran out in panic.

She did not even dare to breathe until her car was out of the club.

It was him, it was Clark! The devil himself was in G City!

Amanda could not imagine what could happen to her. There was only one person she could think of now.

Rufus, Rufus, Rufus!

Rufus was the only one who could protect her. She had to tell him everything.

'Go to the Garden Villa!' she told herself.

Going in full speed, Amanda felt as if her heart was about to jump out of her chest.

She had to warn Rufus about Clark.

Her car pulled over at the gate of the mansion. It surprised Amanda to see that the gate wasn't closed. Rufus was leaning against the Chinese parasol tree in the yard while a cigarette was burning between his fingers. The air smelled faintly of tobacco.


Amanda's heart raced as she ran towards him. His handsome face, the one she often saw in her dreams, stood right in front of her. Her fear subsided.

Rufus looked at Amanda silently.

"Rufus, I..."

Amanda wanted to tell Rufus everything. She wanted to ask him to be careful but Rufus interrupted before she could start.

"Amanda, don't come to me anymore," he said.

Rufus's voice was as cold as the wind on a winter night. Amanda froze.

"Rufus, what's wrong?" she asked.

Rufus had been quite distant the past few days and a part of her suspected that something was wrong.

"Amanda, I respect your father and take you as a little sister. But that doesn't mean you can fool me," he said calmly.

Then he turned his head towards the starry sky.

Once, there was a woman who sat on the beach and enjoyed the night sky with him.

The wind blew past and enveloped them with the gentle aroma of the salty sea. The woman leaned against his chest and warmed his body.

'Cassandra, why do I misunderstand you over and ov

drive me away. I'm scared. Please,"

Amanda begged, wrapping her arms tightly around him. She could not imagine not being with Rufus.

"Amanda, do you really want us not to see each other anymore?"

Rufus warned her. He felt helpless dealing with a girl on the verge of breaking down.

But his words seemed to have worked as the arms wrapped around his waist instantly loosed.

Rufus sighed and got down to his knees. He tried to save the squashed flower.

Amanda looked at him from behind as her affection turned into rage.

'Rufus, you heartless bastard, I begged and begged and still, you drove me away.

You choose Cassandra, a married woman, over me. Even her flower is more important to you than I am!

I will make you regret what you did. You should have known me better. I am going to ruin you now that I can't have you!' Amanda vowed silently.

Rufus, with his back turned to her, did not notice the fury in her eyes.

The only sound he heard was of Amanda walking away in her heels and finally driving away. He did not even turn to watch her leave.

The trampled flower was his only focus. Cassandra's gardenia died along with his heart.

Rufus recalled the day he bombarded Cassandra with accusations and how her bright eyes fell desperately. His hands began to tremble.

His heart sympathized with Amanda, but apparently, everything about her was a lie. He hated himself for being so stupid.

He never knew what Cassandra meant to him until she had left. 'Cassandra, can we go back to the beginning and start all over again?'

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