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   Chapter 305 A Frightening Nightmare (Part Two)

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Amanda sobbed, knowing that whatever she said wouldn't be able to change his mind anyway. Clark was determined to make her suffer.

Amanda's cries fell on deaf ears as he gathered both her arms above her head, pinning them with only one hand. He proceeded to yank her blouse loose, buttons snapping out of their stitches as he tore them off of her.

She cried until her eyes ran dry, with Clark forcing himself on her. That afternoon, Clark had intended to make Amanda his.

Since then, he had tortured and hurt her every single day afterwards. He would always threaten to hurt her family or the people she loved as he took her innocence each time.

"You wouldn't want to let anything bad happen to your father, would you? That's right, just be my good little girl and there wouldn't be any problem,"

he would say, hands splaying across the expanse of Amanda's bare, bruised body. There were no longer any tears for her to cry, but her face was stained red from them. Her voice had also disappeared; whenever she tried to speak it would only grow hoarse and dry. There was no point in fighting him, not if there was a guarantee that she could ever escape.

Clark was the heir of the Dark Night Group. Since his father had died, there were several claims on who was the next successor of the company. Most of the staff wanted Charlie to lead them, but there were also a few who supported Clark.

In fact, Charlie didn't even want the position. In the end, he decided to support Clark's successorship too. Charlie had supported Clark through and through. Amanda could never tell any of Clark's atrocities to her father.

If only her father knew what kind of man Clark really was, she knew that Charlie would try to avenge her for all his atrocities, and he would die trying to protect her. It was too risky to let him know. Clark was such a powerful man that she couldn't guarantee her father's victory over him. If she lost her father, she would lose everything.

Amanda gritted her teeth and prayed that Clark would one day be sick of her. She hoped for the day that he would let her go.

Time hadn't come fast enough. A month turned into two. Amanda was still tied to Clark's side. The days got darker and darker, and some days it was just a pure nightmare to her.

It took a year for Clark to begin showing disinterest. His visits were less frequent, and it was obvious that he was starting to get bored of her. She was already hoping that in a few more months, their relationship would end.

Only then could Amanda

was capable of doing just that. She knew that his threats were real and he would strive to make them a reality. But she also knew that Rufus would never give up on a fight. She knew that even if Rufus didn't love her back as much as she did, he would never abandon her.

"You're not going to get away with this. Why..."

Amanda mumbled, voice hoarse and stuck on her throat. She could feel Clark's hand on her throat tighten.

"Oh I will, sweetheart. I will. We are just so much alike, yet different,"

Clark said reassuringly, voice trailing off. He didn't want to delve into the idea of Rufus any longer. He was afraid that he might kill her from his anger. He shoved Amanda away, as he turned to look at the large painting hanging on the wall behind him.

In the painting lay a beautiful red rose. Its color was as dark as blood; a color that Clark was simply so attracted to. He loved it most when the red would stain pale, supple flesh.

Clark pondered about his plan. He had chosen Arthur to help him because he was ambitious and driven, just like he was. There was no other choice.

An ambitious man driven by hatred was the most powerful weapon in the world. He had faith that Arthur would be able to eradicate Tang Group singlehandedly.

As for Clark, all he had to do was eliminate Rufus.

The same Rufus that even his own father valued more than his own son. His father had wanted Rufus to lead the Dark Night Group once he left. It was such a ludicrous and ridiculous thing to hear especially for a son that had his father's ambition in his mind.

Since his father didn't think he was good enough to lead, there was only one solution to the problem: kill him.

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