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   Chapter 304 A Frightening Nightmare (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 7786

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In one of the private rooms in the city's high end lounge, a man sat underneath the dim light.

His eyes glinted in the darkness, white teeth dangerously peeking out of his lips.

His slender fingers reached out to grab the wine bottle in front of him, then carefully wrapped them on the neck, pushing the bottom end of the cork until it popped out.

The man graciously poured some of the dark red liquid into the two glasses. In this darkness, the color almost looked as thick as blood. He then set the wine bottle back onto the table, as he leaned back onto his chair. His eyes trailed over his companion's bare ankles, up to her slender thighs, tight waist, voluptuous chest, until his eyes finally settled on Amanda's beautiful face. He couldn't resist but bite his lip. She was just so delectable.

"Amanda, why don't you say something? I'm not going to bite, you know,"

Clark teased, the corner of his mouth pulling into a sly smirk. Amanda was frozen in place.

She watched as Clark gently nudged one of the wine glasses to her before he carefully took his own glass, holding it by its thin stem. His gaze seemed to bear holes right through her skull. She had never felt this overwhelmed with attention; Clark had never taken his eyes off her since she got here. The man slowly took a sip of his own drink, quietly moaning from the sweet nectar.

Amanda was even more beautiful than he remembered. She never seemed to age, and it bewildered him how she could look even more desirable than the last time he saw her. It only made Clark want to ravish her more. He wanted to be the one to break this beautiful woman until she cried, or until her knees bruised from begging.

He kept his eyes on Amanda and noticed that she had started to fidget in her seat. Amanda was numb and she couldn't move. Clark made it blatantly clear that he was memorizing each and every curve of her body, and she had never felt this embarrassed before. She had only dreamt of those piercing eyes a few times in her nightmares, and it scared her to see them so real and in person. Clark was a very, very dangerous man; probably the most dangerous man she ever knew. His expressions were always so clear that you knew he was thinking about you, but it was rather frightening to think about what it was about you that he was thinking abou

up on Rufus that she would want to break up with him. He was not going to let her go whatsoever.

"C-Clark. Let go of me. Please,"

Amanda begged, growing further and further afraid of the man holding onto her. She couldn't recognize the Clark she knew in this man anymore. She tried to wriggle her hand away from his grasp, but it just kept squeezing on her dainty wrist. She was so afraid of being trapped with him there that she raised her other hand quickly to slap his face, but his reflexes were quick enough that he easily grabbed hold of her other hand, dark, menacing laughter erupting from his throat.


You're going to slap me? Is that how you treat your boyfriend?"

Amanda's knees had lost their strength and she knelt on the ground. She averted her eyes away from Clark's dark, frightening orbs. It was late before she realized that she shouldn't have fought back in the first place. Clark was a man who enjoyed abusing his power over people. Amanda could feel the floor against her back as he pinned her down onto the ground.

Amanda had tears in her eyes as the cold, tiled floor hit her skin. The hair at the back of her neck had risen uncontrollably; she felt so vulnerable and horrified underneath him.

Above her, Clark was still laughing, enjoying his power over her. He shifted until his face was just above Amanda's, and since she couldn't move, the only thing she could do to escape him was close her eyes. She could feel his hot breath hitting against her jaw.

"Please. please, Clark... Just let me go!"

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