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   Chapter 303 Clark's Invite

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Rufus winced. He has always been a man of firm resolve, but at this moment, he was fazed by a woman. It was not a usual disposition for him.

He could not even manage to hold her gaze, making his doubt very visible.

Cassandra was fearless and composed. She looked at Rufus as if mocking his inability to reciprocate her energy.

He soon had to concede to his defeat. For some reason, he felt very upset.

Cassandra was gone but he knew that he was still inlove with her. She was like a stubborn scar that refused to go away despite all his intervention.

When she exited the room, Cassandra closed her eyes for a brief second to relieve herself of the tension. As soon as she opened them, she was back and fully recovered.

'Cassandra, be strong. Do not show weakness, ' she reminded herself.

Rufus's tender eyes and gentle voice filled her dreams, but in reality, her experience with Rufus now was the exact opposite. Everything he did degraded her person. He was not the man she once loved.

'Wake up, Cassandra. Stop living in a dream.

You can't turn back now, ' she told herself.

Suddenly, her phone rang and immediately she was pulled out of her inner musings. She picked it up and listened to the strange voice from the other end of the line.

"Is this Miss Qin? Your mother is in the City Hospital. Please come now," it said.

It was as if the caller were reading a script in a monotone. The indifference in his voice sent shivers down Cassandra's spine.

"What happened to my mother?" Cassandra inquired.

Her body stiffened as she was unable to keep her voice from trembling.

"Stroke. Please come in as soon as possible."

The caller seemed so busy that it was impossible to share more details over the phone. In a daze, Cassandra stood petrified until she managed to get a hold of herself and rushed out of the office.

When she reached the hospital, Cassandra found out that Edith was in a special treatment room which forbade the entry of any family member.

Through the glass, she watched her mother. Edith was lying on the bed with her face pale and her body connected to several machines. She did not look good.

"Doctor, what happened to my mother?"

Cassandra pulled on the sleeves of the doctor begging for information. She was extremely worried.

"She had a brain stroke and is now in a coma. She needs immediate surgery, else, she will soon deteriorate. If you want to keep her alive, I suggest that you prepare the fees as soon as possible so that we can start. If we succeed, note that she will still have to undergo an extensive rehabilitation program to help her fully recover. That will also cost a certain amount of money," the doctor explained.

He took the list of expenses from the table of the nurses' station and handed it over to Cassandra.

"This list contains the emergency treatment fees that your mother received. Proceed to the counter to pay that first," he instructed.

Cassandra looked at the list. Emergency treatment alone already cost a lot.

She then took a glimpse of Edith and felt struck by grief.

keep an eye on Arthur and Amanda. I want to know what's happening between them," Rufus instructed.

'What did he say to her? Why did her face turn so pale?' Rufus thought, worried.

Victor, heeding the order, walked towards them and heard Amanda talking in a trembling voice, "Alright, I will go. But, I don't want anyone else to know about it."

She did her best not to show the fear on her face. Even though accepting the invitation was the last thing that she wanted to do, it scared her to think what the man would do to her as a consequence.

Amanda recalled her most painful memories. Those days were literally hellish. She was almost tortured to death. She suffered a lot but she couldn't tell anyone. She was trapped and controlled by that man who was more sinister and evil than the devil himself. It was as if she were under a curse that every time she thought of the man, all was repeated.

Victor kept himself at a safe distance so that they wouldn't notice his eavesdropping. He was a trained professional when it came to espionage procedures. Despite his distance, he still managed to listen in on what they were saying.

He acted as if he were focusing on something else so as not to raise their suspicion, but Arthur still didn't reveal any useful information.

"Relax, Miss Ke. I suggest you take a good rest today as we still have to continue filming tomorrow,"

Arthur said, smiling politely and gesturing towards Amanda to dismiss her. He acted like the most respectful person in the world.

Amanda quivered and walked away slowly as Arthur kept a grin plastered on his face. His smile reminded Victor of something but he couldn't quite remember what.

"What did they say?" Rufus asked.

Amanda walked to her car and drove away. She seemed very drained which was so unusual for her.

"It sounded like Arthur had an invitation for Miss Ke that she didn't want anyone to know about," Victor reported.

He was just relaying what he had heard, but for some reason he felt uncomfortable.

'What's wrong?' he wondered.

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