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   Chapter 302 Putting Up A Strong Resistance

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'What? Cassandra lost her baby?'

Amanda's mouth dropped open in shock. Disturbed by the news, she gripped the phone and felt drumming in her temples.

She didn't even know when Cassandra got pregnant.

"How far along was she?"

Amanda asked the investigator, trying to sound calm.

"About two months. The persons who were responsible for the accident haven't been found yet."

Amanda felt restless and agitated. After hanging up the phone, she paced the floor in her office, thinking very hard.

Cassandra was still with Rufus three months ago, so Rufus must be the baby's father. But as far as Amanda knew, Rufus didn't know about Cassandra's pregnancy. She must have deliberately concealed it.

Amanda was shocked to think that Cassandra once carried Rufus's baby.

She probably didn't tell anyone about it because she wanted to give birth to the baby and then force Rufus to marry her. What a scheming woman she was!

It put Amanda on edge since Rufus kept her at a distance and even never slept with her.

What would happen if Rufus found out that Cassandra lost their baby? Would his heart ache? Would they be together again?

'No!' Amanda gritted her teeth. 'I can never let this happen!'

Making up her mind, she asked her assistant to invite Ivy over to her office.

Ivy had been feeling depressed recently because she got her menstruation. It meant that she still wasn't pregnant. Her efforts were all in vain.

Lionel avoided her and her plan failed so she had to seek other means.

"Ivy, Miss Ke wants to see you in her office,"

the assistant said to Ivy with a smile. The latter was brought back to reality.

'Amanda wants to see me? Why? What does she want to do?' she wondered.

Ivy walked into Amanda's office nervously and saw Amanda with wrinkled brows.

"Ivy, do you know about Cassandra's pregnancy?"

Amanda asked tensely. She was clearly unhappy.

Ivy's heart jolted. 'Why did Amanda suddenly ask me about that? What did she know?'

Ivy's heartbeat quickened at the thought that Cassandra lost her baby because of her. She wondered how much Amanda knew.

"Cassandra was pregnant? I didn't hear about it,"

Ivy replied, pretending to be just as stunned as Amanda. Inside, though, she was str

loyees for the development of your company. Is that true?" he asked.

Rufus didn't know why he was being so harsh with Cassandra. Generally, if he really hated someone, he would ignore him. But Cassandra was a different story.

Thoughts of not wanting to leave her had been haunting him.

Hearing the cool mockery in Rufus's tone, Cassandra straightened her back.

'Cassandra, ' she encouraged herself inside, 'don't be scared.'

"That's true. Thanks for asking,"

she replied with a confident smile.

Despite her nerves, she was determined not to show him any weakness.

Rufus relaxed. She hadn't changed. She was still as stubborn as before.

"May you have an infinitely bright future,"

he replied. Inside, Rufus felt strangely irritated. It was not what he wanted to tell her. But why couldn't he tell her what was on his mind?

"Thank you, Mr. Luo. My staff and I will work hard. If there is nothing else to discuss, I'm afraid I would have to get going," she replied courteously.

Cassandra wanted to leave as Rufus's attitude suffocated her. She found it difficult to breathe no matter how strong and stubborn she was.

Rufus gazed after her receding figure. His face darkened and he put his fist down on the table forcefully.

He wanted to apologize to her. He wanted to tell her that he shouldn't have said anything to hurt her on impulse.

He wanted to say that he was not in love with Amanda as people believed and that she was still the only woman in his heart.

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