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   Chapter 301 Public Display of Affection

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The red mark on Cassandra's white skin was so visible that it made Dylon worried.

"Stop it. Let me help you,"

he said as he got ice cubes for Cassandra to put on her injury. Then he got a bowl of congee and put it beside her plate to cool it.

Amanda noticed Rufus clench his fists.

'Hurting yourself to get Rufus's attention? That's low, Cassandra, ' Amanda thought.

She was very annoyed. But when she saw the way Rufus looked at her, Amanda stiffened.

She remembered that she pretended to be sick to get Rufus's attention and how well it worked. In fact, whenever Rufus lost his patience, he would immediately calm himself down when he remembered her illness.

A waiter brought in their dishes. Amanda stood and helped Rufus get a bowl of congee.

"Be careful, Rufus. It's hot,"

she said gently. But Rufus was still focused on Cassandra. He seemed not to hear Amanda.

Cassandra carefully wrapped the ice cube she was using to cool her hand with a towel and seemed oblivious to what was happening around her.

But in truth, her ears were alert. Hearing Amanda talk to Rufus so affectionately made her upset.

She could try to keep a strong, indifferent demeanor, but seeing Amanda and Rufus together was just too difficult for her to deal with.

Amanda and Rufus were right behind her, displaying affection in public. How was she supposed to put up with that?

"Rufus, I am going to shoot photos with Arthur for the commercial in the next few days. Would you like to go to the studio with me?"

Amanda asked sweetly as she tapped the back of his fists with her fingers so he would notice her. Finally, physical contact got Rufus's attention.

"Sorry, I can't go with you. I have a lot of work to do in the Tang Group,"

he replied. He was looking at Amanda but his thoughts were of Cassandra. Photoshoot? He wasn't interested.

"Rufus, it was supposed to be you and me in the photos together. I don't understand why it has to be Arthur,"

Amanda said, upset. She continued to stroke the back of Rufus's hand affectionately.

Dylon took the bowl and stirred the congee with a spoon and started to feed Cassandra.

"Your hand got hurt. Let me feed you,"

Dylon said gently. He knew that Rufus and Amanda were sitting next to them being affectionate and he knew that this was the reason why Cassandra burnt herself. He felt sorry for his friend and despised Rufus very much.

Cassandra's face turned pale when she heard the way Amanda talked to Rufus and

ng a post-abortion syndrome. As it turned out, it was only because she was thinking too much.

Because she miscarried, it was normal that she would feel pain from her belly from time to time. Perhaps it was psychological. It reminded her that she used to have a baby there.

Cassandra still felt guilty that she failed to protect him. She lost him. She shouldn't have chosen a shortcut that night. Otherwise, she wouldn't lose her baby.

Because of her carelessness, her baby was gone forever. She found it so difficult to forgive herself.

"Cassandra, I'm leaving tomorrow. Call me if you need anything, okay?"

Dylon said to Cassandra. Looking at his friend, so many things ran through his head.

He knew that Cassandra was a tough and independent woman. She could live her life well without him.

However, what happened just now made him realize how much Rufus still cared about Cassandra. He knew Rufus well. Rufus wouldn't be the first to make an apology. He worried that Cassandra might not be able to handle the tension between her and Rufus well. She might have an emotional breakdown.

"Dylon, thank you. You're the best guy friend I have in G City!"

Cassandra said to Dylon sincerely.

As they were talking, a person walked out of the area escaping their notice.

Amanda's phone rang and she answered it immediately.

"Tell me. What is it?" she shot at the caller.

She was nervous. It had been a while since she kept tabs on Cassandra because she and Rufus hadn't already broken up for some time.

"I asked the nurse. Cassandra miscarried because of a street accident. It has been one month and she came in for a re-examination."

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