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   Chapter 300 Reunion In the Congee Shop (Part Two)

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"Dylon, I appreciate you getting worried about me, but you have to understand, I cannot let my good friend sacrifice a lifetime of happiness just for my sake. I'm going to be okay. Taking care of myself first would be my top priority. I promise!"

Cassandra reassured him and beamed him a tender smile that appeared to have lit up her pale face. Dylon, on the other hand, just seemed to have gotten lost in her charming smile.

Stubborn and unyielding as always, she just kept refusing to receive any help from anyone.

'That man must still have a place in her heart, ' he thought. He just couldn't think of any other probable reason for her to turn him down so quickly.

Dylon retracted his hands as well out of embarrassment. Then, he helped Cassandra sort out the files spread out on the desk, and carried them unto the shelves to lessen her load even if just a little.

As he was holding some of the files, a leaf suddenly fell from a file down to the floor. It was a thin leaf of a Chinese parasol tree, greenish yellow. It looked like it had already completely dried up.

Cassandra bent over to pick it up. Although it looked a bit old, you could still clearly see the distinct veins of the leaf.

Just like the warmth of another person, it might truly be gone forever, but the wonderful memory it had imprinted in a person's mind would still remain.

The leaf had been carefully plucked from the tree in Garden Villa. It was back in that memorable spring. At that time, certainly, it was still a vibrant shade of green, so tender and quaint, just absolutely endearing.

'Oh, what a shame!' Cassandra let out a plaintive sigh to herself. It was sad to think that the person who had lovingly planted that the two Chinese parasol trees for her was already long gone.

The second they finished organizing the files, Dylon immediately asked her out to lunch. Of course, she happily accepted his offer. And as she said she was somewhat craving for some congee, Dylon then subsequently brought her to a place that was supposedly the best one in all of G City.

People didn't usually come there to eat congee during lunchtime so the place wasn't crowded at all. Guests were seated in tables set for two or three which were scattered all over the huge but mostly empty hall.

Cassandra had ordered a generous

r beautiful black hair, which only managed to make them look even cuter.

"What do you say we just order a set of their bestseller here, the Casserole Congee, along with a couple of side dishes?"

Amanda turned to Rufus. But he didn't bother humoring her with a response, he just absentmindedly bobbed his head to whatever it was that she just said, looking too preoccupied, with his eyes deeply fixated on Cassandra's back of head.

Well aware of the fact that his eyes were actually dead set on Cassandra, Amanda just blurted out in an unconvincing bashful tone, "Rufus, stop staring at me like that! You're embarrassing me! It has only been a month since we last saw each other, stop looking at me as if you're craving for something. There are people looking..."

She lowered her head pretending to be so embarrassed. Her acting looked so genuine that her face was even red flushed.

She tried to say that as softly as possible, but given that their seats were close to each other, Cassandra was able to hear all of it so clearly.

At that moment, she had a spoonful of congee in her hand. When she got startled after unintentionally eavesdropping on their conversation, the hot congee accidentally spilled on her hand.

"Cassandra, be careful!"

Quickly springing up, Dylon frantically grabbed tissues to wipe the hot congee off her skin and signaled the waiter to come over and fetch some ice cubes to alleviate the scalding pain for Cassandra.

The burning sensation from the steaming hot congee instantly turned her skin red.

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