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   Chapter 297 Whose Plot

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 9497

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With the help of alcohol, Ivy mustered all her courage to lure Adrian. Upon hearing this, the man was ecstatic and it could be seen across his face.

How could he reject the offer from such a beauty?

When Ivy woke up, the man was not in sight.

Vaguely, she could hear someone talking. She was surprised to find that the door of the hotel room wasn't completely closed; there was a very thin gap.

She quietly got dressed and tiptoed to the door. The voices grew clearer as she drew nearer. It was a conversation between the man and a woman. Peeking, she saw half of the woman's face through the crack. She was none other than the woman with Adrian at the coffee shop yesterday!

"Alright, stop nagging me like mother!"

Adrian complained impatiently as he looked at the woman.

"Brother, I care about you! Do you still remember what you promised me yesterday? Why did you go to the bar soon after that?"

The woman sounded frustrated, stomping the floor as she scolded him.

"I am your brother! Why did you locate me with your phone! You are disrespecting my privacy!"

Adrian was very irritated. His sister apparently caught him sleeping around. If their strict and conservative father were to find out, he would surely be in rage.

"Brother, I'm so worried about you!"

The woman sounded as if she was going to cry. It was a mix of desperation and helplessness.

"Alright, alright, good that you care. I have to shower now. Go away!"

Adrian said as he turned the woman around and shoved her towards the lift. Having pushed her forward for a few steps, he waved his hands to say goodbye before he turned back to his room.

Seeing that he was approaching, Ivy immediately retreated from the door and pretended to be occupied with tidying up her clothes and oblivious to the conversation that transpired.

"Hey, beauty! You're awake!" Adrian remarked.

It took no time for him to lighten up after being angry. A warm grin crept across his face.

"Yes, I have to go to work now. I shall go," Ivy replied.

Having excused herself, she was about to leave but was stopped by Adrian's hand on her arm.

"How about giving me your number? Or else how am I supposed to ask you out again?" Adrian requested.

It was rare for him to meet such an alluring woman at a one-night stand. How could he give up the possibility of experience another charming night with the dazzling lady?

Ivy thought about it for a while and shook her head.

"If I want to see you, I will find you. Just bother to take my number," Ivy declined.

She then pushed the arm in front of her away and left the hotel.

Adrian didn't insist. He just frowned and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Ivy felt glad thinking that the night with the man she slept with could possibly get her pregnant again. As soon as she could confir

e to return!"

Ivy was boomed, smashing Cassandra's desk to scare her.

However, Cassandra was undeterred, smiling scornfully.

'Does she still think that I am the same Cassandra that I was when I was still with the Tang Group? Since my divorce with Lionel, I have been through so much hardship and I have managed to survive the pain. I am much stronger now. Does she still believe that I will be intimidated by her threat?' Cassandra scoffed inwardly.

"Ivy, I know you think that Lionel is the best man in the world, but that's just you. I am not like you at all. Let me tell you something. I feel disgusted being with Lionel and I have no intention of going back to the Tang family at all. I hate everyone there!" she clarified.

A woman with excessive jealousy was blind and insane. Ivy thought that everyone in the world revolved around her dear Lionel. How was that possible?

Surprise and disbelief flashed across Ivy's eyes. 'If she doesn't wish to return to the Tang family, why doesn't she keep a distance from Lionel and Rufus?' she wondered. 'The Tang family, after all, is one of the wealthiest families in G City. Countless unmarried women dream of marrying into this family! How could she not be interested?'

"Alright, Cassandra, just wait!"

Ivy threw these words to Cassandra before she turned around and walked out of the office with her head lifted up. Her face turned completely dark and the immense hatred from her eyes solidified.

After she came out of the building, sitting in her car, Ivy thought for a while and made a call.

"Do you know anyone who is bold but cautious? Get me two such persons. I have a job for them. The pay will be irresistible, I promise," she said.

After she hung up, she smiled smugly.

'Cassandra, I know you are pregnant and you want to seize the chance to get back what you've lost.

Not on my watch, ' she swore.

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