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   Chapter 296 Let's Get A Room

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Jill remembered Horace's words and she finally figured out what kind of person Ivy really was. She felt disgusted when she knew about Ivy's true color. She didn't want to talk to her anymore. Horace was right, after all. All Ivy had was her beauty. She was useless when it came to business and would not help with Lionel's career at all. She was just deadweight to him. Jill wouldn't want a daughter-in-law like that.

Ivy turned around, her back facing the couple. Her smile disappeared almost instantly.

She heard the couple loud and clear.

Horace had been utterly disappointed with her since the first day she moved in. Ivy was clueless until overhearing him now. She was too naive to think that Horace wouldn't care about who Lionel married.

Back then, he had asked Lionel to marry Cassandra despite Jill's consistent opposition. Horace had invested a lot of money into the Qin Group, which in turn, did earn him enough profit later from several projects. Ivy had believed that he wanted them to marry just to maintain their business relationship, using his own child as a business pawn.

Cassandra, who was an excellent designer, used to work as the manager of the Design Department of Tang Group. She had helped the company gather their largest clientele to date, contributing to most of the company's income. She was so popular with the clients that even if she wasn't part of the Public Relations Department they made her the face of the company. Their clientele didn't want to work with anyone except Cassandra.

Horace was a smart and tactful businessman. He could always turn every loss into a brand new opportunity. He had only always taken his company's interest into consideration. With his busy schedule, Ivy never thought that Horace would care enough about who his sons married. She thought wrong.

Ivy ran to the car and left the Tang mansion. Bearing a child would be the only way to be welcomed back into the family. She knew that it was the only bargaining chip she could gamble.

She wracked her brain for what she had to do next. Ivy could sense that something was wrong. She thought about how Lionel had been acting so strangely recently. She had a feeling that she wouldn't be able to come back into the mansion after today.

Her instincts were right. Since she returned to her own home, Lionel never even bothered to visit her. Not once. Ivy tried to communicate with him, calling and texting him, to come visit her, but he never did. She was always shrugged away. Lionel kept saying that he was busy with his clients or that he was in a meeting.

Lionel had been avoiding her. Ivy knew that because he was never busy when they were together. There was no way that he would be stuck in a meeting whenever she called him.

When she started to get upset over being brushed off, Ivy herself went to the Tang Group. She wanted to dart into Lionel's office to confront him, but his secretary prevented her from doing so.

"I'm sorry, Miss Luo, but Mr. Tang is incredibly busy. He wouldn't be able to see you."

The secretary was smiling politely at Ivy, but Ivy could only see her as an obstacle.

She angrily took off her sunglasses, mo

e was also obviously flirting with him.

"I'm really sorry if I don't remember your name," Adrian began, hand scratching the back of his head. Ivy merely giggled and opened the door for him from the inside.

He grinned and got in, smiling as Ivy checked him out.

"You don't have to remember. Let's make a deal first. You can't tell anyone that we were together. If you do, you'll have to pay for what you did back at the cottage!"

Ivy exclaimed, but she was honestly rather anxious. She knew that the man seemed to be from a powerful family, and she wasn't sure if she could actually intimidate him.

Ivy was oblivious to the fact that Adrian was trying his hardest not to pee his pants. He laughed her threat away, trying to hide his nervousness.

"What? Where did that come from? We are friends! What do you think had happened between us?"

Spending most of his time in bars, Adrian had met all kinds of people. He knew how to observe their behavior and their speech, before adapting his personality to fit their needs. He smiled back at Ivy, insisting that their secret was safe with him.

Satisfied, Ivy nodded and drove off to a restaurant not too far from there. They shared dinner together.

Afterwards, Adrian pointed Ivy toward a bar to have a drink or two. Ivy kept drinking her frustrations away.

Ivy's face was flushed from the alcohol, and Adrian was incredibly turned on with the sight of it.

He was delighted to lure Ivy into his trap. She was such a beautiful and rich woman; the only two criteria that he ever needed for a target. He let himself pull her closer as he whispered against her ear in a seductive tone, "You want to get out of here?"

Luring the beauty further into his arms, he knew exactly what women wanted and she was successfully succumbing to all of his advances.

Unbeknownst to him, Ivy had equally wanted this just as much. She had him where she wanted him.

Ivy knew that she was right in the middle of her ovulatory period. If she could conceive tonight, she could return to the Tang family.

"I think there's a hotel nearby. Let's go get a room."

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