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   Chapter 295 Moving Out From The Tang Family (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-06-18 00:10

Jill's senses were on alert as she felt Horace's watchful eyes on her. She did not know yet exactly what was going on in his mind, but she knew he had made his decision. There was no longer any room for discussion, and so she kept silent even as her frustration spiked.

Ivy felt as if the cushion she was sitting on was drowning her. It was hopeless. She knew that even Jill wouldn't be able to help her now. She was going to move out, and that was that.

"Mother, please send someone to help Ivy pack her things. I already told the driver to send her off. I'm going to the company first!"

Of all the people in the room, Lionel was the one who was the most satisfied about his father's decision. He finished his breakfast, stood up to get his briefcase, and left without looking back. His steps were light and he could almost feel himself floating.

Finally, he was able to get rid of Ivy. She had been dragging him down with her, but now he was free. The only thing that he cared about next was to figure out some way to get Cassandra back.

Horace's expression remained undisturbed. He felt the waves of Ivy's disappointment, but offered her no explanation. Instead, he picked up the newspaper once again, thoughtfully leafing through the pages.

"Ivy, I'm sorry that you have to move to out for now. Come back and live with us when everything is finished,"

Jill said to her. She couldn't help but comfort the girl when she saw her distress.

"Okay. Thank you, Auntie,"

Ivy answered back, forcing a smile.

'Come back? Will it even be possible?' she asked herself. She understood perfectly what was happening. There was almost no chance for h

he stairs with a coat in her hand.

Horace and Jill looked back and were startled when they saw her.

They thought that she had already been sitting in the car. But as it appeared, she had forgotten a coat in the room, so she went back to get it.

"I'm leaving now. I'll visit you some other time," Ivy said pleasantly.

She looked the same, her usual smile on her face.

"Okay. See you then!"

Jill smiled back and said goodbye to Ivy, but she didn't move.

Horace's words made her realize how stupid she was. Ivy moved in to stay with them because she was pregnant. Now that she was no longer carrying a child, there was no reason left for her to stay.

It was as if Jill had woken up from a trance. She did not bother with niceties. Looking at the massive amount of Ivy's luggages, she began to feel displeased.

She liked Ivy. The younger woman had always bought her things. Now she realized that her husband was right. It was the Tang's money. All the things Ivy had given them came from their own pockets. Horace was right. There was absolutely nothing behind that pretty little face.

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