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   Chapter 293 Baby Unwanted

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Ivy raised her chin as she spoke, to appear more confident and reliable.

Although she felt guilty at heart, she would never let Lionel see it.

"Stop it, Ivy! I really don't know whether Cassandra really pushed you that night or not. But I've' asked the doctor and I know that the baby died because of a lack of oxygen, not the shock."

Lionel couldn't have kept it in any longer. He voiced out the suspicion he had since the beginning. Ivy's face paled the moment she heard him utter those words!

She opened her mouth to give an explanation, but no words came out of it.

But he continued, "You know how the baby died. I'm done with your lies! I'll have someone send you back to the villa tomorrow!"

Lionel could sense that she felt guilty. He, on the other hand, felt relieved at the thought of getting rid of her. He turned on his side and looked away from her. Then he turned the lamp off and tried to sleep, not uttering a single word anymore.

Ivy bore a thousand thoughts in her mind, unable to sleep, no matter how much she tried.

'I've tried so hard to become part of this family! Even when Lionel hadn't divorced Cassandra, he helped me move into this house! What is happening to him now? Cassandra is gone, and now he is kicking me out too!

What a heartless man! He is crueler than anyone I know when he isn't smitten by love!' Ivy thought.

She couldn't help gritting her teeth. Right when she thought she was close to winning and marrying Lionel, he didn't seem to have any feelings for her anymore! She had sacrificed so many things for him, even her baby boy! Yet, she had reached right where she started—with nothing. The worse thing was Lionel gave her no chance to improve and directly wanted her to leave the house!

The next morning, Lionel didn't go to work. He stayed in and urged Ivy to pack up the moment they got up.

"Take all your clothes with you. I'll ask the maid to get you two more suitcases. God, you have so many clothes! I'm afraid these suitcases won't be enough."

Looking at Ivy's overflowing wardrobe, Lionel remembered how simple and minimal Cassandra had been. Ivy never felt sorry for squandering his money while buying all those expensive clothes and shoes. Cassandra, on the other hand, never asked for any money from the Tang family, not even during their divorce! He realized he would prefer Cassandra over Ivy any day now!

Ivy was unwilling to move out, of course. She procrastinated packing up while racking her brains to find an excuse to stay. Seeing Lionel so desperately trying to kick her out, she became even more reluctant.

"I'm going to leave some clothes here. It won't be long before I come back. It would be troublesome to bring all of them back."

Ivy filled the suitcase as slow as a snail, with disinclination written all over her face.

"We'll discuss that later, if you come back, not when. Now, pack all your things up. I don't have much space for your clothes in my room. Look at this freaking closet! All your clothes! There would literally be no spa

et a chance to say anything about her, Ivy threw critical topics at Jill, about which she cared the most, hence distracting her.

Jill desperately wanted Ivy to have a baby. Apart from Ivy, Jill was the one who wished most for this family to have a baby.

"No way, Lionel! You can't do that. Remember, you aren't young anymore. You are nearly thirty! The sooner you have a baby, the better. You wouldn't have to worry much once you have a son. I will help you raise the baby, if that's what you're worried about."

Jill wanted Ivy to get pregnant as soon as possible. Lionel was being so stupid about the baby! Horace had been so happy to find out Ivy was pregnant the last time. She had planned to turn Horace in Lionel's favor through the baby, who would be his first grandson! But as it turned out, Ivy had been in an accident and the baby was miscarried.

"Mother, I'm not ready to be a father yet!"

Ivy had interrupted Lionel twice, which annoyed him highly. Since she had always been eloquent and talkative, Jill had a great impression of her. And now, because of her, he was being ignored by his own mother, along with being blamed. Ivy's clear victory made him so angry that he kicked Ivy's leg heavily.

Ivy felt the pain, yet remained silent, sitting still with that pitiful and pathetic expression.

Lionel wanted to kick her out immediately! Jill was her only savior now. As long as she kept Jill cajoled, he couldn't make her leave.

'What's wrong with Lionel? He's been acting like a totally different person, of late, '

Jill wondered, upset. 'Maybe, I need to have more communications with him? Horace anyway likes Rufus more. Lionel must feel threatened! But what is he up to now? He doesn't want a baby! God help me! He has to have a baby now!'

Instead of voicing her concerns, Jill glared at Lionel with an angry face.

"Don't talk nonsense! Not ready to be a father? If everyone thought like you and claimed that they were not ready, humanity would've disappeared from this planet long ago!"

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