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   Chapter 292 Their Fight (Part Two)

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"Why are you so happy, mom?"

As soon as Lionel walked into the room, he noticed Jill's huge smile. He couldn't help but smile as well, and ask in a curious tone.

"Oh, Lionel! You're back early! I was just talking to Ivy about her next pregnancy. I cannot wait for you to give me a grandchild,"

Jill replied playfully. However, upon hearing her words, Lionel's gentle smile disappeared, and he turned to look at Ivy.

"Ivy needs to rest for a while and let her body recover. No rush, we both are still young,"

Lionel replied in a passive tone. In fact, he didn't want a child with Ivy at all. If she got pregnant, he would have to marry her.

Lionel had decided that he was going after Cassandra again, since now was the perfect time to do so knowing that Rufus and Cassandra had broken up. He was determined to do this all in secret, so if Ivy got pregnant right now, it would ruin everything.

Ivy couldn't hear what Lionel was thinking, so hearing his concerned words warmed her heart.

It seemed Lionel still cared deeply for her. He was even worried that her body might not be able to take another pregnancy yet, so he tried to convince his mother that a grandchild could wait.

Little did she know about Lionel's true intentions. Lionel had currently no feelings for her. She wasn't the one he wanted to marry. They were drifting apart, little by little.

Evening came swiftly, and a sillhouette slowly entered Lionel's room. It was Ivy, walking in a seductive manner.

"Lionel, I think now's the perfect time for us to try...I'm ovulating right now, you know..."

Ivy said in a shy tone, her face turning scarlet.

Ovulation period was short. It was a rare chance for her to try and get pregnant. Even though the doctor advised her that she should rest her body, she just had to give it a shot. Being pregnant was her only chance to marry Lionel right now. She was in a precarious position, so she needed this to secure her s

y, Lionel! Sure, Rufus likes Cassandra, but it doesn't affect me at all. I don't care who he likes! Besides, have you even seen me talk to him since I moved here? Why would I feel awkward?"

Ivy couldn't hold her temper any longer. It was obvious Lionel was just making up these wild excuses to get her to leave. He wanted to throw her out for his own good.

She had nothing to do with Rufus. They had not even talked to each other ever since she moved in, for God's sake! Ivy had always treated him like air, and Rufus did the same. He had never interacted with her and had ignored her completely. She wanted Lionel, and no one else.

"Well, I feel awkward. Do you think I don't know how the last miscarriage happened?"

Lionel despised being called out by Ivy. He felt ashamed because of the lame excuses. But, he was too determined to make her leave, so he didn't stop there. He raised his voice and prepared to unleash the words that had been weighing on his heart for a long time.

Ivy's heart skipped a beat. She was petrified. Her anger dissipated, replaced by overwhelming guilt. She pretended not to know what he was talking about.

"We all know how it happened! Cassandra pushed me down the stairs! The whole family saw it. You know this! You're the one who took me to the hospital!"

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