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   Chapter 291 Their Fight (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-06-16 00:02

Cassandra's words made Ivy's heart beat rapidly, almost bursting out of her chest. She was a bit unnerved by Cassandra's statement. She suddenly had a putrid feeling welling in her guts, something making her nervous.

Did Cassandra actually know anything? Or was she just trying to get a reaction from her? What did she mean by what she just said? She said that she knew Ivy was up to something behind her back. What exactly was she talking about?

Looking back on the drastic decline on Lionel's attitude towards her ever since his divorce with Cassandra, Ivy had a bad feeling on this one. Moreover, when she tried to seduce Lionel, he just outright refused her over and over. It had never happened before! How could this happen? What could possibly be the reason for Lionel's attitude change?

Could it possibly be that... Cassandra knew about everything, and then told Lionel?

Considering this possibility, Ivy froze in place, petrified by fear. Upon witnessing this, Cassandra let out a sigh of relief. It was good to see her words had their intended effect.

Before Ivy could react further, Cassandra turned her back on her and took off. She didn't want to get involved with Ivy any longer than necessary and fight with her again.

Meanwhile, Ivy's head was in turmoil. Questions started forming in her head, but she found no answers to them all. She stood there for a long time, trying in vain to calm her rapidly beating heart.

'Ivy, calm the fuck down, will you? You have no idea what she really meant by that. She's just trying to scare you, that's all!'

Ivy repeated to herself. It wasn't good for her health to panic like that because of a few vague words. She had more important things to worry about.

After all, she did all those things for Lionel's sake. Lionel despised dealing with Cassandra and Rufus, so it was only logical for her to get rid of Cassandra. She did nothing wrong! Lionel would defini

tisfied with her being their new daughter-in-law.

Not only that, when Ivy left the doctor's office, she saw Lionel and Cassandra talking. So of course she approaced Cassandra to talk to her. Instead of insulting and threatening Cassandra like she intended to, her nerves were wracked by Cassandra's words. Now she had to worry if Cassandra truly knew what she had done. Everything was going wrong for Ivy these days. She felt like she was in a dangerous place at the moment, and one wrong move could cost her everything. This was a pitch black feeling, causing her agitation.

"I'm fine, Auntie Jill. Don't worry. The doctor said that I'm in the pink of health, and I am ready to get pregnant anytime. Maybe I just need a little bit of luck to have a baby again,"

Ivy said to Jill with a forced smile. She really hoped that Jill wouldn't notice anything out of the ordinary and would just believe her.

"That's amazing, dear! We're all looking forward to seeing you give us that child! Don't disappoint us,"

Jill beamed at Ivy after hearing what she said. She was jubilant to hear that she had no problems with getting pregnant again. She badly wanted a grandchild soon. The smile on her face was so wide that others might think that her grandchild was due tomorrow already.

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