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   Chapter 290 Who Is The Father (Part Seven)

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It was strange to see Cassandra and Lionel in the hospital at the same time, and he tried to figure out what was going on.

"Oh, everything is fine. Don't worry! Rufus is out of town today." Cassandra managed to make up an excuse.

She didn't want Dylon get involved in her own mess.

"Did he know that Lionel stalked you here? You can't just let him be and do whatever he wants!"

Dylon had an inkling that there was something wrong, but he was unable to make sure of it.

"He's sort of occupied recently. Relax, I can manage it on my own!"

Cassandra tried to convince him with a big smile.

"You're carrying a baby, Cassandra. You'd better keep a distance from anything or anyone that makes you stressed. It wouldn't be good for you or the baby," Dylon urged.

He looked at Cassandra warmly, then his face turned bright as if something struck him.

"Oh, when will you get married? You don't want to deliver the baby without a legal assurance, do you?"

Dylon asked, a concerned expression on his face. He understood that Cassandra's identity was sensitive, but as her friend, he wanted to look out for her. She was going through such lengths for Rufus. The least he should do was taking care of her at such a sensitive time.

Cassandra made a show of looking at her watch and then turned to Dylon. "Oh my goodness. I didn't realize the time. Dylon, I need to go back to work right away. I'll tell you everything next time we meet. You should go back to your work too. I've held you back long enough. Thank for today. See you!"

Cassandra had begun moving away from him even before she could finish her words. She seemed as if she was anxious to go.

"Okay then. Let's talk later. Take care on your way back!"

Dylon gave in and watched Cassandra turn back and walk away.

Cassandra breathed out her relief when she was out of the hospital.

She placed a hand on her chest to try to calm herself down and catch some fresh air.

Being caught off-guard by Dylon's questions, she didn't know how to explain her situation to him. She had only managed to stop thinking about Rufus, and now she was reminded of him again. She shook her head at the thoughts that were slowly filling her. She had to think of a way to avoid similar situations in the future.

Dylon was a dec

th Rufus's baby!"

Her eyes almost popped out of their sockets as she looked at Cassandra.

"No, it's not his. Rufus is not the father!"

Cassandra denied right away. If Ivy learned the truth, everyone else would know. There would be nothing but trouble after that.

"What? Do you think I'm nuts? If neither Lionel nor Rufus was the father, then where did your baby come from?" jeered Ivy. "Are you going to tell me next that you made that baby on your own?"

Cassandra bristled at her words.

"Watch your tongue, Ivy! If you don't know how to shut your mouth, I'll teach you now!

This is my baby and it's none of your business. Don't bother asking! I won't tell you! Leave me and my baby alone!" she shouted at her.

Cassandra was red with anger. She had heard enough, and she was going to go to any length to protect her child.

"You've crossed a line, Ivy. I suggest that you go back to Tang House and clean up your act. Otherwise, you might be kicked out any time before you could even do anything!"

Cassandra expressed herself metaphorically, but the two women knew there was more to her words.

"Are you threatening me? Did Lionel tell you something that I don't know?"

Ivy stepped forward to Cassandra, blocking her way.

"No, he didn't say a word. I just want to give you a reminder. After all, they're tied with blood, and you're still an outsider. You'd better pay attention to your behavior. It would do you no good if you keep playing your little tricks behind their back," Cassandra warned.

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