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   Chapter 289 Who Is The Father (Part Six)

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Ivy's heart began bouncing wildly in panic. What was Lionel doing here? Cassandra was also here. This could not be a coincidence.

Ivy spun her head around, looking for a place to hide where she could see Lionel's car without being discovered.

A moment later, Cassandra walked out of the outpatient building. She was smiling pleasantly as if something good happened.

She passed by Lionel's car but continued on her way to the exit. Lionel, on the other hand, got off his car hurriedly and stopped her. They seemed to be talking seriously about something.

Behind the cover of trees, Ivy's hands clenched into fists, her long, polished nails digging into her skin. She stared at the two figures, her eyes burning with rage.

On the parking lot, Cassandra was beginning to be vexed at Lionel's persistence.

"Lionel, please stop this already! It's ridiculous of you to follow me here. What do you think you're doing? It's not right for you to run after me everywhere I go. We're divorced, okay? Please wake up from your daydreaming! I will never get back with you," she said, her voice edged with annoyance.

She had clearly underestimated Lionel's persistence. He refused to give up even after what she said.

"I can wait. You can take it easy, Cassandra. Give me another chance. We can start fresh. It's not uncommon for divorced couples to marry again, and I believe that we'll do better this time. I'll do better this time," he declared.

To her surprise, Lionel had been very patient. He seemed more determined than ever to win her over.

But it was not completely without motive. He wanted her, but he also wanted the advantage she would give him. If Cassandra agreed to marry him again and come back to work at the Tang Group, she would be helpful in kicking Rufus out. It was hitting two birds with one stone.

If Rufus saw that Cassandra was back with Lionel, it would definitely shake his composure. Just the thought of the surprise on his face made Lionel tremble with excitement. He couldn't wait to see it with his own eyes.

"Please use your head, Lionel! Listen carefully, and this

ough their fathers were close to each other, Dylon had never come to the Tang House to visit and thus Lionel didn't recognize who he was at this moment.

"I'm Cassandra's friend," Dylon answered calmly. "Listen up! This is a public place, and you're causing a scene. Leave her alone, or I'll call the security," Dylon warned.

He fixed his eyes at Lionel. Seeing his furious expression, Lionel concealed his own arrogance.

"She's my wife, alright. Why don't you leave us alone? This is none of your business, Doctor."

Lionel stared back at him. He spoke one word after another clearly, letting the last word linger sarcastically.

"Please, Lionel! Just go away. What you're doing is really making me sick!" Cassandra exclaimed behind Dylon.

Cassandra's head was close to bursting. Lionel was lying in broad daylight without the slightest sense of guilt just to force her to remarry him.

Lionel looked at her once again when she spoke. Her face had turned pale. Realizing that he had caused it, he decided to back off for today.

"Alright, alright. I'll leave now. I'll just go and visit you later!" he said cheerfully, putting on a smile.

After that, he turned around, got into his car and drove away. Dylon then turned to check on Cassandra.

"What was that all about? How is the baby doing? Where is Rufus? He's supposed to be here with you!" he fired question after question at her.

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