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   Chapter 288 Who Is The Father (Part Five)

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'Cassandra, you've been thinking of running away from him and never seeing him again. Now, you finally have the chance to do that. No matter what it took, and regardless whether he still loves you or he begins to hate you, this is the result you're asking for, right?' she tried to convince herself.

'From now on, he will be a stranger to you, and he will move on with his life with Amanda. At the very least, you have your memories, and a child to love and care for. You will also be moving forward. This is not the time for regrets. You have much to do.'

Cassandra stood up from the ground and wiped the tears off her face. She stumbled forward in the dark as she tried to walk.

Lionel grabbed her by the arm and let out a sigh.

"Let me give you a ride. You'd better go home and have some rest."

He wanted to comfort her and make her forget her tears, but he had no idea where to begin.

Cassandra no longer had the strength to refuse him. She felt as if her body would give away from exhaustion. It was late, and it would be difficult to hail a taxi in suburbs at this hour.

When she found out that she was pregnant, she decided not to live in the company any more because it would not be good for the baby. She moved out from her apartment just to avoid Rufus in a hurry and the rental agreement was not expired yet. Now she had to move back.

Cassandra leaned back against the seat of the car and looked out of the window. There were dim lights from homes lining the road. She had been in one of those houses once, waiting for Rufus to come home in the warm and bright light. Now, all that was gone, and would never happen again.

After that night, Cassandra was blacklisted by Rufus, and he never showed up or called her either.

It seemed that he was spending some time away from G City. She heard no news about him. As days went by, Cassandra found things getting easier, and she felt more at east. There were only two things she cared about—the company which she held up for her father and

ion; so as not to provoke her further, the doctor agreed even though she was sure that Ivy wasn't pregnant.

Ivy's face visibly paled upon the doctor's words, and she stared at the test results mindlessly.

'Why doesn't it work? What's going on? I've taken the traditional Chinese medicine prescribed by the doctor recommended by Amanda, but why did it fail again and again? God, please!' she thought to herself.

The doctor put her report into the bag of her medical records and handed it to her.

Ivy reached out to take the bag, and before she took her files, she saw another bag on the doctor's desk. Cassandra's name was typed in neat letters on it.

Ivy trembled as if lightning had struck her.

"Doctor, this Cassandra…She is your patient? Is there anything wrong with her? she pregnant?" she asked hastily.

She looked even paler and her voice cracked as she spoke, clutching the bag in her hands tightly.

"Do you know her? Yes, she has been pregnant for over two months now."

The doctor cast a curious glance at Ivy, wondering at the expression on her face.

"Oh yes, I know her,"

Ivy replied, forcing a smile. Then she stood up and left the doctor's office.

She walked to the exit of the hospital in a daze, but she stopped abruptly when she caught a sight of the familiar car. It was Lionel's car.

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