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   Chapter 287 Who Is The Father (Part Four)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 6518

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Cassandra watched the cold and cruel smile that played on his face.

She could not believe her ears, her hands trembling at her sides.

'Why are you saying things like that, Rufus? What did I do to deserve that? Even if we've broken up, we don't have to hate each other! We don't have to be enemies if we can't be friends!' she screamed inwardly, but no words came out.

It was as if the sweet and gentle Rufus who came to her like a star in the darkest nights of her life had been nothing but a dream. The man who had protected her, who had been good to her, was nowhere to be found behind the cold, dark eyes that bored through her.

"I don't understand! What are you talking about, Rufus?" Cassandra managed to speak out calmly.

She tried desperately not to show her confusion, but her voice trembled as she asked.

She had never thought of using his money, not even when she was up to her ears in debt. She refused his help again and again, because she did not want for there to be any impure motive in their relationship. But now he was accusing her of using him, of being vain. Cassandra wouldn't take such unfair judgement, even from him.

Rufus scoffed at her question. "Still playing innocent, I see. Then, let me refresh your memory. You had your eyes set on me the moment you found your ex-husband would not be able to inherit the Tang Group. And then when you knew that I wouldn't be taking over either, you broke up with me with every excuse you could think of. Now, I'm really curious who your next target would be. You're the filthiest woman I've ever known. I can't believe you've managed to play me for this long!" he laughed coldly.

Cassandra felt as if a bucket of iced water had just been poured on her at Rufus' words.

Tears began to form in her eyes and for a moment, his accusations rang in her head, disabling her from even speaking.

'It hurts, Rufus! Why do you have to hurt me? Just what is it that I did

not believing you. I'll protect you from any harm. You still have me," Lionel murmured beside her.

He felt his chest constrict at the sight of her tears. If it was him, he would never ever let her cry.

Even when they were married, she had never shown him her weakness. He swallowed bitterly at the thought that her tears were spilling for Rufus.

"Please go away. Leave me alone.

I don't want cause any more trouble with him and his family!"

Cassandra shook her head repeatedly as her tears blurred her vision. She did not even bother to look at Lionel.

"Cassandra, are you out of your mind? Why are you still putting him first, after all those things he said? Let me tell you the truth! He has never thought of the Tang House as his home. To his mind, we are also his enemies! Understand?"

Lionel was boiling with rage. He hated that iron couldn't turn into steel. He hated that Rufus was still the first thing Cassandra thought of. He hated that he couldn't change the past, and he hated that he still could not change the present and make her turn her feelings toward him. Lionel felt as if he would explode at any second.

Cassandra merely shook her head and kept her silent.

She didn't even know why she couldn't stop crying or who she was crying for, Rufus or herself.

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