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   Chapter 286 Who Is The Father (Part Three)

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The man pretended to be knocked down on the ground, covering his face with hands and begging for mercy.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" he coughed out. "I didn't mean it at all! We had a couple of drinks earlier and we were not in the right mind. Sorry for offending you! Please forgive us!" he pleaded, struggling to get on his feet.

The man kept begging Lionel pathetically, and he looked nothing like the furious wolf from before. On the other side, his henchmen dispersed away from Cassandra and stared at Lionel in panic.

"Fuck off! Never show me your face again!"

Lionel pushed the man aside abruptly, throwing him to the ground again. The man scrambled to his feet, fleeing away with the others as fast as they could. It seemed as if Lionel scared the piss out them just now.

Meanwhile, Lionel smiled inwardly to himself. He had done a marvelous performance, and even the extras cooperated perfectly. He finally caught the chance to show off in front of Cassandra.

Turning to Cassandra, he asked worriedly, "Cassandra, are you alright? Did they hurt you?"

In her struggle, her clothes had become disheveled and two or three buttons were missing. She shivered when a blast of wind passed by. Lionel took off his coat and put it around Cassandra's shoulders.

Cassandra was scared to death by the gangsters just now, worrying that her fierce movements would hurt the baby in her belly. She felt a new fear surround her. She couldn't lose her child.

"You're so careless! What are you doing here in the middle of nowhere at such a time? Do you have any idea how dangerous it could be for a woman to be out this late? It was a good thing that I came by in time. Otherwise, I don't know what they would have done to you."

Lionel wrapped his arms around Cassandra's shoulders and held her, a triumphant smile in his face.

This had been all too easy, the hero rescuing the lady, and he played the part perfectly.

Cassandra was still shaking with fear. Her heart had not slowed its wild bouncing, and she did not notice when Lionel drew her clo

. He had played the fool long enough.

Cassandra was shocked speechless upon hearing Rufus's words. Her eyes were wide open as she stared at him in disbelief.

She could not make out his face clearly in the cover of darkness, but his voice told her more than enough. She did not recognize the man in front of her.

"You think too highly of yourself, Rufus. Why are you assuming that Cassandra wants to be together with you? Are you out of your mind?"

Lionel said suddenly. He had carefully orchestrated what happened tonight, and he would not let Rufus mess it up.

"Even if she won't be with me, she will never choose you!" Rufus snapped back.

He had never concerned himself much with Lionel; since Cassandra was after money, she would never go after him either.

But the sight of them together put a bitter taste in his mouth.

"Try saying that again! Have you forgotten to whom she was married? As far as I know, you two have never even tied the knot. I was her husband anyway!"

Lionel raised his voice and looked at Rufus provokingly.

"That's exactly right. You're her EX-husband. But since it seems that you can't get over her, why don't you ask her to marry you again? Not that it concerns me. I'll never be with someone so vain and rotten! I'm sure you two would suit each other perfectly" Rufus said, his voice thick with sarcasm and contempt.

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