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   Chapter 285 Who Is The Father (Part Two)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 7012

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Worry and frustration built up inside her with every passing second, but she managed to calm herself down with the thought of the life inside her. She touched a hand to her stomach and breathed out with her eyes closed. Rufus would surely be happy if he learned the news of her pregnancy, and this knowledge lightened her up as she waited.

Suddenly, her stomach gave out a grumble. She had forgotten to grab something to eat before coming here since she thought he would come out right away.

"Please be patient, my sweetheart," she said, rubbing a hand down her stomach. "We'll have dinner after I see your daddy. I'm sure he would take us out to a fine restaurant later!" she cooed.

Her hands lingered tenderly on her stomach. It was still too early for her belly to show, and she could not feel its movement yet, but Cassandra comforted herself with the knowledge that the life inside her were Rufus's and hers. The thought sent a warm stream through her veins and she smiled to herself as she whispered to her baby some more.

Cassandra's attention had been focused on talking with the baby and she didn't notice when several men approached her quietly.

"Hey, gorgeous! What are you doing here alone at such a time? Are you looking for company? Come on! Let's have some fun together!" one of them shouted at her.

He ran a hand over his hair and eyed her from head to toe, his gaze dripping with malice.

The men around him roared in laughter.

"Get out of here!" Cassandra shouted back even as she felt the cold hand of fear slowly touch her skin.

She knitted her eyebrows tightly, and raised her head as if to show defiance.

"Ooooh, a rose with thorns! Just my type!" the first man said again.

He cackled at his own words and the sight of his wicked smile made Cassandra want to throw up.

When he got close enough, he reached out a hand to touch Cassandra's face; she instinctively stepped back to keep her distance.

"Get away from me now! Or I'll shout for help!" she threatened.

Cassandra's knees were buckling underneath her, but she would not let them see


The man approached her, still laughing, and she spat on his face. At that instant, his smile froze and all the cheers quieted down as his men looked at her in disbelief.

Without taking his eyes from Cassandra, he wiped his face with the back of his hand, his eyes burning with anger.

"Damn you slut! I invited you to a feast but you ruined it by throwing mud on my face! Fine, if that's the way you want it to be, I'll teach you a lesson right this moment!"

The man grabbed Cassandra's chin, forcing her to face him as he thrust his face into hers.

"Stop it!"

A shout interrupted him and he looked towards the source of the sound. Cassandra had her eyes closed in desperation, but she felt the putrid odor of the man's breath draw away from her.

All the punks were alerted by the man's voice. Cassandra opened her eyes and found Lionel walking toward them with his eyes flashing fire.

"You're risking your neck. Son of bitch!" he shouted furiously as he approached them.

Lionel turned his wrists as he approaching like a hero rescuing his princess. And while all the punks were distracted by his sudden appearance, he seized the man by his collar and raised his hand, his body striking a posture before a punch.

With his back to Cassandra, the man winked at Lionel. Getting his meaning, Lionel punched him on the face rapidly and accurately, but without force.

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