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   Chapter 284 Who Is The Father (Part One)

The Enchanted Night By Chu Se Characters: 7010

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Rufus's thoughts had wandered off to Cassandra. What would her reaction be when she learned of how he became the man that he was now?

Would she blame him and get angry with him for not telling her the truth? Or would she forgive him and accept him and his past?

But he had never expected such a result and would never believe it.

He shook his head at his own thoughts. 'No, impossible. She will never do that. I know her. She won't be blinded by money.'

Shivers racked his frame at the thought that he could be wrong. It was a terrifying notion, and he refused to believe it.

Charlie watched him coldly as he answered. He looked at Rufus in disbelief, as if he was telling the biggest joke he had ever heard.

"You can believe what you want. I told her myself, and I saw how she turned pale when she heard that you might not be able to inherit the Tang Group." Rufus gave no reply and Charlie scoffed, "You think I'm lying? Listen to reason, Rufus. You are letting your emotions get the better of you. Whatever feelings you have for her right now are turning you into a blind man. You're the smartest student I've ever had, and it is ridiculous of you to believe in such a woman!"

Charlie's gaze was burning as he spoke. He shook his head repeatedly as he continued.

"I knew right from the start that she was no simple woman. She chose to marry Lionel for Tang Group's power. Then she left him just as he was losing his father's favor. It was clever of her to turn her attention to you, the next possible successor."

Charlie did not mince his words about Cassandra. He spoke without holding anything back, regardless of whether it would hurt Rufus or not. At the same time, Rufus clenched his fists tightly, his knuckles turning white from the force of his grip.

"You're wrong, Charlie," he said back sharply. "She had never wanted anything from me. Not once had she asked for my help. She stood alone and did everything herself. Whatever she has right now, she worked harder than anybody to get. You have no idea what she had to go through."

Rufus defended Cassandra wi

ere unless it was something serious. It was very rare that Victor could not fix things by himself. With his appearance at his door, Rufus knew that he had to attend the matter personally.

"Alright, tell my assistant to clear my schedule this afternoon until tomorrow. I'll go there with you," Rufus said briskly.

Originally, he was scheduled to go abroad this afternoon to fulfill a promise to Charlie to train the newly recruited members of Dark Night Group. The training would require him to stay for a few days.

And thus, he'd better solve this unexpected problem before leaving.

Rufus spent the whole afternoon giving instructions and coordinating with people. It was dark outside when things finally got settled.

While he was busy with work, Cassandra was waiting for him outside the construction spot. She waited and waited until the last traces of the sun had vanished. She watched as the people thinned out and went their ways. Even the workers had almost all left. She shivered as a cold breeze fanned through her, wrapping her arms around herself. As if to add to her growing frustration, the lamp on roadside blinked and then went out completely. Cassandra could barely feel her legs from standing long and she stamped her feet to the ground to get some of the feeling back. She craned her neck to the direction where Rufus would come from, but there was no trace of him.

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