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   Chapter 283 Was She Pregnant (Part Six)

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"Mr. Luo should be at the construction site. It's the theatre construction project in the tourist area."

Victor saw no reason to hide the whereabouts of his boss to Cassandra.

"Thank you, Victor!"

After hanging up the phone, Cassandra went straight to where Rufus was supposed to be, without thinking twice. The eagerness to divulge was overwhelming and she felt like she could not make through another minute without telling Rufus that she was pregnant.

Meanwhile, Rufus confirmed it with multiple reliable sources that it was Charlie who had invested money in the Qin Group. He also came to learn that Charlie had spoken to Cassandra earlier. It was only recently that Charlie provided her with substantial financial support, helping her repay the bank loan and securing her a larger amount of another loan. All of this made Rufus uneasy all day.

The more he thought about, the less well it sat with him. Motivated by concern, he couldn't help calling Cassandra's phone. However, fearing that what he had guessed all along could be true, in the end, he cut the call as he didn't feel like talking to her about this matter anymore.

At noon, there was no sunshine, only a wan and ashen light that suffused the sky. ?Amanda gracefully pushed open?the door of the office and glanced within. With a distinctive blend of airy nonchalance, she stepped in with a box of home-made lunch, as if she had forgotten about everything that had happened between them last night.

"Rufus, I made salmon sushi today. Quick, have a taste!"

With a happy smile on her lips, she completely disregarded his cold face and started setting the plates in front of him one by one.

"Amanda, please stop this. You don't need to bring me lunch in the future."

Frustrated, Rufus shook his head, about to say something when she stretched out her dainty finger and pre

n Group running, she signed a contract with me behind your back. You trusted her so blindly, but she didn't think it important to tell you about it, did she? And yet, here you are blaming my daughter for something she hasn't done at all. Rufus, are you so immersed in your love for Cassandra that you've lost the ability to think straight?"

Charlie's voice gave out on the final syllable, his distressed croak fading abruptly into an almost inaudible squeak.

"No, Cassandra is not like that."

Although he had already guessed something similar, Rufus still couldn't hide the shock on his face by what Charlie had told him.

"Cassandra doesn't know that you are the President of the TY Group. Under such pretenses, I told her that you might not be eligible to inherit the Tang Group in the future. After coming to learn of this matter, I feel as though she began to question her determination to be with you. If she had known the truth about your financial capabilities, I wouldn't have been able to use this tactic anymore. See, Rufus, there is nothing but money in that woman's eyes! You should just forget about her," Charlie said firmly.

Charlie's words shattered every bit of Rufus's expectations of Cassandra in his mind.

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