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   Chapter 282 Was She Pregnant (Part Five)

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With a cold shiver, all of a sudden, a thought flashed through her mind.

Her brain desperately scrambled to remember the time of her last menstruation, as if it had been too long to recall in an instant.

'I think the last time I had my menstruation was...when I was with Rufus.

Gosh! I am such a careless dolt! I can't believe I'm only starting to realize this now!' Cassandra was shocked, shaking her head in disbelief.

She quickly changed into a pair of loose faded jeans and a comfortable tank top before rushing straight to the hospital.

After she had her blood drawn, she went to the waiting room, pacing about anxiously and waiting for the results. Her face conveyed an arresting spectrum of ambivalent emotions. She was torn in between overwhelming joy and soul-crushing nervousness.

When the test results came out, she looked at the astonishing figures and then became extremely excited, as if her heart was about to jump out of her chest.

'There is a baby in my womb. Oh my God! I'm going to be a mother!' It was the first time she had felt a sensation of this magnitude.

Overwhelming relief and joy engulfed Cassandra. Her first reaction was to take out her cell phone and call Rufus as soon as possible.

She was so familiar with his phone number that she dialled his number into her cell phone from her memory even if she had deleted his phone number.

The telephone kept ringing with distracting regularity, but there was no answer.

She called him again, but the response was the same as just now.

'Is Rufus in a meeting?' she wondered.

Cassandra knew him well enough to learn that his phone would be muted during a meeting.

'Well, he must be busy. Anyway, he'll call back when he sees my number.' She decided to let the matter

be a mother! What a strange and wonderful thing!' Her heart sang with a whoop of undisguised glee.

The air was sweet and her world had been cast anew as she was savouring every moment. Then she sat in front of the computer and clicked open the browser to search for all kinds of information about pregnancy and mothers-to-be. Cassandra was so immersed in the role of becoming a mother that she lost track of everything else around her.

After returning from the hospital, however, there was still a mysterious niggling in the back of her mind. She tried to call Rufus again, but the line was either engaged or rang all the time. All in all, Rufus didn't answer the phone. She started to feel a little nervous.

After a few more failed attempts, she gave up trying to reach his phone and directly called his assistant, Victor.

"Hello Victor, this is Cassandra. I'd like to speak to your boss, but I can't seem to reach him on his phone. I have something important to tell him."

Her sweet endearing voice passed through the line and went straight to Victor's brain. There was a sub-current of excitement in her voice, and with every iteration the thrill seemed to deepen.

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