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   Chapter 280 Was She Pregnant (Part Three)

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"Thank you for your concern, Aunt Michelle, but I am sure I won't regret any of it. I know what kind of woman I want to spend my life with, so you don't have to worry about me. I can deal with this matter by myself."

With a gentle smile on his lips, Rufus had made up his mind to tell Amanda that the person he wanted to be with was Cassandra.

For the past one month, Rufus and Amanda had been inseparable. The two were seen together appearing in the public eye, as if Amanda was Rufus's real girlfriend. The media did what was expected of it and published numerous articles about the two being a perfect match for each other. However, only Rufus knew that such reports were far from the truth.

Rufus, however, didn't blame Amanda for drugging him with a philter and deliberately trapping her father into witnessing that scene. There was nothing he could do about it because whenever he would get angry at her, she would instantly look at him helplessly with tear-soaked eyes. Not to mention the fact that she was still suffering from sickness immediately softened his heart towards her.

However, upon hearing the news about the Qin Group's recent financial crisis with the bank and Cassandra's difficulty to continue running the company, Rufus realized that this was a good opportunity for him to tinker his broken relationship with her.

'I am financially well-equipped to help the Qin Group get out of its' current predicament without any difficulties. This problem is really a blessing in disguise for me to help her this time.' Rufus had high hopes for the future.

Needless to say, a wide satisfied smile appeared on his face while he thought, 'Cassandra, you are too stubborn for your own good. Now look what happened! You really need me to help you out this time, don't you?'

Rufus shook himself out of his reverie and transformed his smirk back into a benevolent smile, not knowing that what he had dreamed would come crashing down just one day later.

Cassandra forgot how long it had been since the last time she saw him. Perhaps it had been a month, or two months. It could have been longer.

Although the only thing separating the two of them was just a street, she still recognized Rufus through the crowd of people passing by.

Cassandra saw him slumping against the corner of the wall, hiding himself underneath the shadow of the street lamp. For a moment the only movement was the curling smoke from a half-burnt ci

e or hear something about them, a tight and constricting pain would set on her heart. It unnerved her more than anything, because she knew what it was. The more she paid attention to them, the more it harrowed her soul.

But today, he appeared before her in the flesh, offering to help her when she was making every possible effort to forget him.

'How ridiculous! I wonder what kind of a person he takes me to be? Does he think that I'm the kind of woman who wants to be with him for the money?

Well, then he would be highly mistaken. It's obvious he doesn't know me well enough. I only want to be with him because I love him, ' she thought.

Meanwhile, Rufus stood outside in the cold for a long time, still hesitating and unsure of whether he should go upstairs to have a chat with her or not.

In the end, he decided to give her some space and go back to do some researches on the recent developments of the Qin Group before making any moves. As long as the Qin Group could get through this crisis and she had moved past this difficult situation, he would have nothing to worry about.

When she saw him walking across the street and driving away in his car, Cassandra ran downstairs and found herself standing alone on the curb and watching Rufus's taillights disappear into the night.

Little did she know that her eyes had failed to suppress the longing and desire she had for him.

When he arrived at the Garden Villa, Rufus saw a person standing at the gate who seemed to be waiting for someone. He got out of the car and walked closer to find that it was Amanda.

"Amanda, what are you doing here so late?"

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