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   Chapter 279 Was She Pregnant (Part Two)

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'The problems at the Qin Group started when I had to leave the company unsupervised for several days due to me being detained on charges of pushing Michelle down railings. To make matters worse, while I was away, someone lured away our important employees with promises of a higher salary to leave the company without my knowledge. Thus, all of this leads the Qin Group to its downfall. If it weren't for these problems, the company would have been flourishing, ' she thought to herself.

"What attracts my attention is your talent in design. If you come back to this field and continue to do more architectural designs, coupled with my financial support, I believe that the Qin Group will be back on top, putting out ground-breaking work in no time."

Charlie had a rather relaxed smile on his face knowing that she had already started to consider his investment proposal.

"It is quite normal for any start-up company to get hit by an economic downturn once in a while, but it doesn't mean that the company cannot bounce back in the future. There is no need for the bank to doubt the Qin Group's ability to pay off the loan. With your talent pool and work ethic, I believe that you can earn a return that will be sufficient to eventually repay the loan. My first plan is to help you repay the bank loan and then find someone to secure another loan for you. This time, you can loan more money for the comprehensive improvement of the Qin Group. I will have my assistant draw up the specific details of our cooperation plan with you and your company. What do you say?"

As he put forward his own cooperation plan, Charlie carefully observed her facial expression.

The biggest worry in Cassandra's mind right now was that loan. Charlie made a judgment call and decided to invest in her company in compliance to the specific predicament the Qin Group was in. Suffice it to say, his investment would give her a way out of this predicament about the loan.

"Mr. Ke, you've been very fran

aggie as her assistant.

It was commonly known that business was like a war without bullets. Running a business was far from being as straightforward as she thought it would be. There were just as many challenges as there were opportunities in business. This time she was fortunate enough to meet an investor like Charlie, but in the long-run she would really need to be a lot more careful.

Meanwhile at the President's office of the Tang Group, Rufus received an urgent message from Jasper.

"Your Aunt Michelle has made a full recovery from her injury. I have decided to take her back abroad with me. If you have any concerns, please feel free contact to me."

Thinking of the dialogue he shared with his aunt the night before, a trace of smile crept into Rufus's face.

"Rufus, is Cassandra the only person you are willing to get married to? Can't it be someone else? I must admit that she may be good for you, but if you choose to be with her, you will not only have to consider many important factors, but also need to face many difficulties. Are you sure you can handle the repercussions?"

Michelle frowned, and her eyes were filled with concern for her nephew.

'Rufus is my only nephew. Thanks to Cassandra, his reputation has been dragged to the mud. Is she really worth all the trouble?' she wondered.

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